Mathematical Process

  1. Time - Reads and write time to the nearest minute.
  2. Money - Compare and order decimal amounts in the context of money.
  3. Coins - Count the value of combinations of coins and bills up to five dollars.
  4. Relevant Information - Analyze problems by identifying relationships, distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, and observing patterns.
  5. Break Problems - Determine when and how to break a problem into simpler parts.
  6. Estimation - Use estimation to check answers for reasonableness, and calculators to check for accuracy.
  7. Conjectures - Make and investigate mathematical conjectures.
  8. Properties - Explain and justify answers on the basis of mathematical properties, structures, and relationships.
  9. Commutative Property - Use manipulatives to demonstrate that the commutative property holds for addition but not for subtraction.
  10. Oral Math Language - Use correct, clearly written and oral mathematical language to pose questions and communicate ideas.
  11. Strategies for Solving Problems - Develop strategies for solving problems involving addition and subtraction of measurements.
  12. Mathematical Thinking - Analyze and evaluate the mathematical thinking and strategies of others.
  13. Use Representations - Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas.
  14. Convey Ideas of Mathematics - Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.
3rd-5th Grade Manipulatives (NLVM)
A Matter of Time
Adding Dimes and Pennies (AAA Math)
Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies (AAA Math)
Adding Money
Adding Nickels and Pennies (AAA Math)
Adding Values Less Than One Dollar (Number Nut)
Adding Values Less Than Ten Dollars (Number Nut)
Adding Values Less Than Thirty Cents (Number Nut)
Addition Sentences (AAA Math)
Addition Using Estimation (AAA Math)
A Maths Dictionary For Kids
Analog and Digital Clocks (Oswego)
Animal Legs (Beacon Learning Center)
Area and Perimeter
Are We There Yet? (Beacon Learning Center)
Art of Math
Ask Hannah! (Beacon Learning Center)
Attribute Train (Sadlier Oxford)
Bang On Time (Oswego)
Bar Graph (Saxon Math)
Barrels of Milk
Beat the Clock
Beat the Clock (TVO Kids)
Be A Scientists! (Beacon Learning Center)
Bedtime Bandits (Mr Nussbaum)
Beginning Fractions (AAA Math)
Calendar Activity
The Calendar: Days of the Week (English Zone)
Calendars (Star)
Calendar Worksheets (Soft Schools)
Cash Out (Mr Nussbaum)
Change Due 2
Change Due 3
The Change Game (Apples 4 the Teacher)
Change Maker (Fun Brain)
Change Money (Edu Place)
Clock Practice (Apple 4 the Teacher)
Clock Wise (Interactivate)
ClockWise (BBC)
Clockworks (Mr Nussbaum)
Coins for Candy (Beacon Learning Center)
Coin Madness/Addition (Sheppard Software)
Coin Madness/Subtraction (Sheppard Software)
Coin Tutorials
Coins With Values Under One Dollar (Number Nut)
Comparing Decimals (Super Teacher Worksheets)
Comparing Money (Edu Place)
Comparing Values Less Than One Dollar
Comparing Values Less Than Thirty Cents (Number Nut)
Comparison Estimator (Illumination)
Concentration (Illumination)
Cookies for Grampy (Visual Fractions)
Correct Number Sentence (Saxon Math)
Count Change
Count Money (Edu Place)
Count Money (Edu Place)
Count the Money
Count the Money (Math Play Ground)
Counting Coins (Sheppard Software)
Counting Coins With Values Under One Dollar (Number Nut)
Counting Dimes (Saxon Math)
Counting Dimes (Number Nut)
Counting Dollar Coins (Number Nut)
Counting Half Dollar Coins (Number Nut)
Counting Money (Super Kidz)
Counting Money (Harcourt School)
Counting Nickels (Number Nut)
Counting Pennies (Number Nut)
Counting Quarters (Number Nut)
Count Money 1
Count Money 2
Create A Graph (NCES)
Cross the River (Harcourt School)
Currency (Free Math Test)
Currency .01-.05 (Free Math Test)
Currency .01-.20 (Free Math Test)
Currency .05-.50 (Free Math Test)
Currency .05-.99 (Free Math Test)
Customary Measurements (Edu Place)
Data Picking (BBC)
Dates and Times/Calendar (Number Nut)
Dates and Times/Hours (Number Nut)
Dates and Times/Minutes (Number Nut)
Dates and Times/Months (Number Nut)
Dates and Times/Seconds (Number Nut)
Dates and Times/Weeks and Days (Number Nut)
Dates and Times/Years (Number Nut)
Days (Learning Chocolate)
Days and Dates (Harcourt School)
Days of the Week and Months of the Year
Discovering Coin Value (Toon University)
Domino Number Patterns
Draw Hands (Math Slice)
Egyptian Fractions (Math Cats)
Elapsed Time (Math Slice)
Elapsed Time (Interactivate)
Elapsed Time: Minutes and Hours (Harcourt School)
Equivalent Amounts of Money (Harcourt School)
Equivalent Fractions (Harcourt School)
Equivalent Fractions (Harcourt School)
Equivalent Fractions (Harcourt School)
Equivalent Fractions Activities
Equivalent Sets of Coins (Harcourt School)
Estimate (Oswego)
Estimator (Interactivate)
Estimating and Rounding Decimals
Estimating Differences 1 (AAA Math)
Explain Problems With Graphs (Study Zone)
Explain Problems With Graphs (Study Zone)
Falling Numbers
Farm Stand (Kids Play Park)
Figure This!
Find Grampy (Visual Fractions)
Fishy Fractions (I Know That)
Flip Time (NASA)
Flowering Fractions (Beacon Learning Center)
Flowering Fractions (Learning Box)
Fourths (AAA Math)
Fraction Bars (NLVM)
Fraction Game Tool (Illuminations)
Fraction Flags/Halves and Quarters
Fraction Flags/Thirds (Oswego)
Fraction Frenzy! (Learning Planet)
Fraction Junction (Links Learning)
Fraction Paint 2x2 (Oswego)
Fraction Paint 3x3 (Oswego)
Fraction Paint 4x4 (Oswego)
Fraction Paint 5x5 (Oswego)
Fraction Paint 6x6 (Oswego)
Fraction Pieces (NLVM)
Fraction Pointer (Interactivate)
Fraction Race (Harcourt School)
Fractions (Scholastic)
Fractions and Money (Study Zone)
Fractions/Equivalent (NLVM)
Fractions/Might Math (Harcourt School)
Fractions/Naming (NLVM)
Fractions/Parts of a Whole (NLVM)
Frank and Fran's Fabulous Fractions (Beacon Learning Center)
Frenchy's Fraction Cafe (Fact Monster)
Fresh Baked Fractions (Fun Brain)
Front End Estimation of Sums (AAA Math)
Geometry and Measurement (Edu Place)
Geometry Through Art (Math Forum)
Grandpa's Game (Beacon Learning Center)
Grand Slam Math (Math Play Ground)
Groups of Dogs (Beacon Learning Center)
Guess and Check (Study Zone)
Guess the Number
Guess The Problem (Study Zone)
Guess The Problem (Study Zone)
Hands-on Fractions (Squidoo)
Hickory Dickory Dock (ICT Games)
H.I.P Pocket Change (US Mint)
Home Run Derby Math (Mr Nussbaum)
Hoop Shoot (Star)
Hot Stuff! (Beacon Learning Center)
How Much Change (Saxon Math)
How to Estimate Time
How to Have Students Make and Test Conjectures
How to Tell Time Without a Clock (Wiki How)
Identify Time: The Hour
Interactive Analog Clocks (Apples 4 the Teacher)
Interactive Clock (Apples 4 the Teacher)
Interactive Fractions (Maths Is Fun)
Interactive Thermometer (Maths Is Fun)
Interpreting Data (BBC)
Introduction to Fractions (BBC)
Introduction to Fractions (BBC)
Is It P.E. Time (Beacon Learning Center)
"Is There Enough" for Values Less Than One Dollar (Number Nut)
"Is There Enough" for Values Less Than Thirty Cents (Number Nut)
It's A Date! (Beacon Learning Center)
It's A Fact! (Beacon Learning Center)
I Want My Half (Beacon Learning Center)
Jude e-Clock (Mr Myers)
Justify Answers (Study Zone)
Justify Answers (Study Zone)
Just In Time
Kali: Symmetric Sketching
Kids and Cookies (Teacher Link)
Kids Math Word Problems
Laser Beams (Decimal Squares)
Learn Money (Smarty Games)
Learn to Count Money (Play to Learn)
Lemonade Larry (Prongo)
Let's Bake a Pie (Beacon Learning Center)
Let's Compare (Harcourt School)
Let's Count Money
Let's Do Lunch (Beacon Learning Center)
Let's Go Shopping (Beacon Learning Center)
Line Symmetry (Links Learning)
Literature for Learning Math Concepts (Living Math)
Logic Zoo (PBS Kids)
Lunch Lady (Mr Nussbaum)
Make Change! (Harcourt School)
Making Change (Math Playground)
Making Change (Just Kid's Games)
Making Change (Beacon Learning Center)
Making Equivalent Sets (Harcourt School)
Match the Fractions (Harcourt School)
Matching Fractions (Harcourt School)
Matching Fractions (Sheppard Software)
Matching Math: Equivalent Fractions (Sheppard Software)
Matching Math: Mixed Fractions (Sheppard Software)
Matching Time (BBC)
Matching Time
Math Cats Explore The World (Math Cats)
Mathematics Fiction Books (Wikipedia)
Mathematics Language Usages
Math Hoops (Math Play Ground)
Math Manipulatives (Math Play Ground)
Math Novels (Home Schooling)
Math Story Problems (Math Cats)
Math Word Problems (Kid Zone)
Math Word Problems (Math Play Ground)
Math Word Problems (Math Play Ground)
The Mean Green Party Machine (Beacon Learning Center)
Measurement (Edu Place)
Melvin's Make A Match (PBS Kids)
Mission Magnetite (PBS Kids)
Model and Solve Math Word Problems (Math Playground)
Money Concentration (Harcourt School)
Money Flashcards (A Plus Math)
Money (Apples 4 the Teacher)
Money Counting Game
Money Desk (My Parent Time)
Money, Money, Money!
Months (Learning Chocolate)
More or Less Estimator (Interactivate)
Multiplication and Division (Edu Place)
My Backpack (Beacon Learning Center)
My Clox (Time for Time)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Novel Mathematics
Patten Blocks: Exploring Fractions With Shapes
Patterns (PBS Kids)
Penny Prizes (Harcourt School)
Percentage Paint (Oswego)
Perimeter Explorer (Interactivate)
Piggy Bank
Pizza Party (Primary Games)
Poddle Weigh-In (PBS Kids)
Practice Counting Money (My Parent Time)
Practice Money Test
Problem Solving Strategies: Working Backwards (Math Stories)
Operation Snowman (Harcourt School)
Reading Charts and Graphs (TV 411)
Reasoning (Study Zone)
Reasoning (Study Zone)
Recommended Math Books (Math Forum)
The Right Time (Beacon Learning Center)
Round About (Beacon Learning Center)
Rounding Money (Edu Place)
Rounding Numbers (Science Academy)
Rounding To The Nearest Dollar (Saxon Math)
Rounding To The Nearest Ten (AAA Math)
Rounding To The Nearest Hundred (AAA Math)
Rounding To The Nearest Thousand (AAA Math)
Same Time (Harcourt School)
The Seashell Rounding Activity Page (Jan Brett)
School Store (Beacon Learning Center)
Scottie Nickel's Change Maker (Mr Nussbaum)
Sequences (Maths Frame)
Shading Fractions (Interactive Stuff)
Show Me The Money (Beacon Learning Center)
Simplifying Fractions (BBC)
Smiley Clock (Born Thinker)
Solve 2 Step Money Problems (Maths Frame)
Speed Grid Challenge/Addition (Oswego)
Speed Grid Challenge/Subtraction (Oswego)
Speeding Spree (Primary Games)
Stop the Clock 1 (Oswego)
Stop the Clock 2 (Oswego)
Stop the Clock 3 (Oswego)
Stop the Clock 4 (Oswego)
Stop the Clock R (Oswego)
Subtracting Money
Subtracting Values Less Than Ten Dollars (Number Nut)
Subtraction Using Estimation (AAA Math)
Sum to 10
Symmetry (Adrian Bruce)
Symmetry (Saxon Math)
Symmetry (Harcourt School)
Symmetry (Primary Resources)
Tangrams (NLVM)
Teaching Measures
Telling Time
Telling Time
Telling Time (Harcourt School)
Telling Time (Apples 4 the Teacher)
Telling Time (The Math Worksheet Site)
Telling Time 101 (Mr Myers)
Telling Time Practice
Telling Time Without a Clock
Telling Time Worksheets (Soft Schools)
Telling Time Worksheets (Time for Time)
Tell Time (Math Slice)
Temperature (BBC)
Temperature/Quiz (BBC)
Thermometer Quiz (Soft Schools)
Tick Tock Clock Game (Kids Numbers)
Time (Mr Myers)
Time Concentration (Harcourt School)
Time for a Crime (Scholastic)
Time Match (Star)
Time Match 2 (Star)
Time Match 3 (Star)
Time Quiz (Star)
That's Right (Beacon Learning Center)
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Half (PBS Kids)
Time To Go (Beacon Learning Center)
Time To The Minute (Harcourt School)
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop (Mr Nussbaum)
Too Much Noise! (Beacon Learning Center)
Too Much or Too Little Information (Edu Place)
Train Times
Tracking Temperature (Scholastic)
US Currency (Mr. Nussbaum)
Using Money Overview (Math Cats)
Value of Coins (Saxon Math)
VectorKids: Fractions
Virtual Manipulatives (eThemes)
Walrus World (Beacon Learning Center)
What Is The Temperature? (IXL)
What Time Is It? (EZ School)
What Time Is It? (Primary Games)
What Time Is It? (Fun School)
What Time Will It Be? (NLVM)
Which Coin?
Who Wants Pizza?
Who Wants Pizza?
Willy the Watchdog (Harcourt School)
Word Problems (Math Exercises For Kids)
Working With Patterns (Count Down)

Number and Operations

  1. Whole Numbers - Represent whole numbers up to 10,000 using various models (such as base-ten blocks, number lines, place-value charts) and in standard form, written form, and expanded form.
  2. Symbols - Understand and use the symbols =, < and > to signify order and comparison.
  3. Parentheses - Use parentheses to indicate grouping.
  4. Mental Computations - Use a variety of methods to perform mental computations and compare the efficiency of those methods.
  5. Simple Estimates - Use highest order value (such as tens or hundreds digit) to make simple estimates.
  6. Story Problems - Solve a variety of addition and subtraction story problems including those with irrelevant information.
  7. Multiplications - Represent multiplication using various representations such as equal-size groups, arrays, area models, and equal jumps on number lines.
  8. Division - Represent division using various representations such as successive subtraction, the number of equal jumps, partitioning, and sharing.
  9. Contexts for Facts - Describe contexts for multiplication and division facts.
  10. Unit Fractions - Understand that symbols such as 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 represent numbers called unit fractions.
  11. Identify Fractions - Identify fractions as parts of whole units, as parts of sets, as locations on number lines, and as division of two whole numbers.
  12. Compare Fractions - Compare fractions using drawings, concrete objects, and benchmark fractions.
  13. Sum of Parts - Understand that when a whole is divided into equal parts to create unit fractions, the sum of all the parts adds up to one.
3rd Grade Facts Sequence
3rd Grade Math (IXL)
Add and Subtract With Like Denominators (IXL)
Adding Two Digit Numbers Without Renaming (AAA Math)
Addition (Free Math Test)
Addition and Subtraction (Dositey)
Addition And Subtraction
Addition and Subtraction (Edu Place)
Adventure!/Column Addition Method
Addition And Subtraction Adventure!/Short Addition Method
Addition And Subtraction Adventure!/Trade First Subtraction Method
Addition And Subtraction Adventure!/Partial Sums Addition Method
Addition Hidden Picture (A Plus Math)
Addition Machine
Addition Sentences (AAA Math)
Addition Surprise (Harcourt School)
Addition Worksheets
Add Up (Primary Games)
Algebraic Reasoning (Math Play Ground)
Alligator Lunch (Beacon Learning Center)
Animal Legs (Beacon Learning Center)
Ann and Addem's Dartboard Game
Are You A Math Magician? (Oswego)
Are You A Math Magician?/Addition (Oswego)
Are You A Math Magician?/Subtration (Oswego)
Are You A Math Magician?/Multiplication 1 (Oswego)
Are You a Math Magician?/Multiplication Facts (Oswego)
Arithmetic Four (Interactivate)
Art of Math
Balloon Pop Subtration (EZ School)
Base Blocks Addition (NLVM)
Base Blocks Subtraction (NLVM)
Base Blocks (NLVM)
Base Ten (Learning Box)
Basic Subtraction Facts to 20 (Dositey)
Batter's Up Baseball (Prongo)
Bead Numbers
Buffalo Math (Mr Nussbaum)
Build A Bug! (Interactive Stuff)
Cameron's Trip (Beacon Learning Center)
Can You Say Really Big Numbers? (Math Cats)
Card Game: Matching Pair (Maths Frame)
Castle Quest (Multiplication)
Checking Subtraction (Beacon Learning Center)
Check It Out (Beacon Learning Center)
Circus Fun (Beacon Learning Center)
Color Patterns (NLVM)
Compare and Order (EZ School)
Compare and Order Numbers (Study Zone)
Compare Fractions (IXL)
Compare Numbers (Harcourt School)
Comparing Amounts 1 (AAA Math)
Comparing Fractions (BBC)
Comparing Fractions (BBC)
Comparing Fractions (BBC)
Comparing Fractions (BBC)
Comparing Fractions (BBC)
Comparing Fractions With Like Denominators (AAA Math)
Comparing and Ordering Integers
Comparing Numbers (BBC)
Comparing Numbers (BBC)
Comparing Numbers (BBC)
Comparing Numbers (BBC)
Comparing One Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Comparing Two Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Comparing Three Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Comparing Four Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Comparisons (Free Math Test)
Comparisons (Free Math Test)
Cone Crazy! (Multiplication)
Connect the Dots Game (Fun Brain)
Cookie Dough Spell The Number (Fun Brain)
Correct Comparison Symbol (Saxon Math)
Correct Comparison Symbol (Saxon Math)
Counting (Free Math Test)
The Counting Game (Learning Planet)
Counting Interactive Story (Clever Teacher)
Count the Dimes (Saxon Math)
Count Us In
Custom Printable Math Test
Cyber Challenge (Math Mastery)
The Decifractator
Decimals Number Lines Tool (Maths Online)
Decimal Switch (Sums 4 Fun)
Dino Place Value (ICT Games)
Division By One-Digit Numbers
Division Machine
Dot to Dot
Draggable Multiplication (Mr Nussbaum)
Draggable Division (Mr Nussbaum)
Expanded Form (Saxon Math)
Estimate (Oswego)
Estimate With Rugby Players
Estimation Valley Golf (Mr Nussbaum)
Expanded Form (Saxon Math)
Fact Families (Beacon Learning Center)
Fairy Fog (ICT Games)
Farm Stand (Prongo)
Finding Fraction Parts (BBC)
Finding Fraction Parts (BBC)
Finding Multiples (Maths Frame)
The Flight of the Knight
Fraction Bars (NLVM)
Fraction Review (IXL)
Fractions (Math Wire)
Fractions and Decimals (Edu Place)
Fractions/Part of a Whole (NLVM)
Fraction Models (Illumination)
Free Addition Worksheets (Home School Math)
Function Machine
Fun 4 The Brain/Addition
Fun 4 The Brain/Subtraction
Fun 4 The Brain/Multiplication
Fun 4 The Brain/Division
Genius Boxing (Mr Nussbaum)
Give the Dog a Bone (Oswego)
Ghost Blasters 1 (Oswego)
Ghost Blasters 2 (Oswego)
Glowla's Estimation Contraption (PBS Kids)
Grand Prix
Greater, Lesser, or Equal? (EZ School)
Greater Than, Less Than Or Equal To? (BBC)
Groups of Dogs (Beacon Learning Center)
Home Run Derby Math (Mr Nussbaum)
Hoop Shoot (Math Play)
Hotel 6 (Beacon Learning Center)
Inverse Relationship of Addition and Subtraction (AAA Math)
Island Chase
It's A Fact! (Beacon Learning Center)
Jeopardy (Math Play)
Jet Ski Addition
Jungle Jim (Multiplication)
Jungle Jim/Drums Multiplication)
Jungle Jim/Fish (Multiplication)
Jungle Jim/Monkeys (Multiplication)
The Knight and the Princess
Larger and Smaller Numbers (AAA Math)
Learn Your Tables
Least to Greatest (Saxon Math)
Least to Greatest (Saxon Math)
Lemonade Larry (Prongo)
Life Guards (ICT Games)
Line Jumper (Fun Brain)
Maggie's Farm (Learning Wave)
Making Arrays Activity (Saxon Math)
Math 6 Spy Guys
Math Baseball (Fun Brain)
Math Live
Math Magician Games (Oswego)
Math Mayhem (Learning Planet)
Math Stax
Math Story Problems (Math Cats)
Mental Arithmetic Drills
The Mental Maths Fridge Magnet Game (BBC)
Mental Addition and Subtraction (BBC)
Mental Math
Mental Multiplication (BBC)
Meet Paul Pattern (Harcourt School)
Meteor Multiplication
Minus Mission
Mixed Numbers (Beacon Learning Center)
Model and Solve Math Word Problems (Math Play Ground)
Modeling Addition of Two-Digit Numbers (Harcourt School)
Moles (Multiplication)
Moon Math (Primary Resources)
Multiplication (Saxon Math)
Multiplication (Free Math Test)
Multiplication (Free Math Test)
Multiplication and Division Basic Facts (Edu Place)
Multiplication Games
Multiplication Interactive Games
Multiplication Mystery (Harcourt School)
Multiplication Table (Math Cats)
Multiplication Table Practice (Dositey)
The Nine Pattern (Beacon Learning Center)
Number Cracker Game (Fun Brain)
Number Line
Number Lines (The Math Worksheet Site)
Number Lines
Number Pattern and Rules (Harcourt School)
Numbers to 1,000 in Different Ways (Harcourt School)
Number Words (Fun Brain)
Number Words (Fun Brain)
Paint Brush Math (Fun School)
Penny Prizes (Harcourt School)
Place Value
Place Value (Links Learning)
Place Value
Place Value (AAA Math)
Place Value (AAA Math)
Place Value (Links Learning)
Place Value Calculator (ICT Games)
Place Value Cards (ICT Games)
Place Value Game
Place Value Pirates (Mr Nussbaum)
Place Value Puzzler (Fun Brain)
Place Value to Thousands (Toon University)
Placing Calculation on Number Line (Math Frame)
Placing Numbers on a Number Line (Math Frame)
One False Move (Fun Brain)
One False Move (Fun Brain)
One Hundred Chart (The Math Worksheet Site)
Operation Blustery Day (Harcourt School)
Operation Snowman (Harcourt School)
Order! Order! (EZ School)
Rabbit Multiplication (Beacon Learning Center)
Real Number Line (Explore Learning)
Round About (Beacon Learning Center)
Rounding Off (BBC)
Save the Apples (Play Kids Games)
Sequences (Free Math Test)
Sequences (Free Math Test)
Sequences (Free Math Test)
Sequences (Free Math Test)
Shading Fractions
Shark Numbers (ICT Games)
Shark Pool Place Values (ICT Games)
Skip Counting Games and Rhymes (Math Dynamics)
Snakes and Ladders (BBC)
Space Shuttle Launch (Play Kids Games)
Spacey Math (Learning Planet)
Specific Place Values
Speed Grid Challenge/Addition (Oswego)
Speed Grid Challenge/Subtraction 1 (Oswego)
Speed Math (Mr Nussbaum)
Spinning Wheels (Beacon Learning Center)
Splat Square (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences R (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences 2 (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences 3 (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences/Count on in 2's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences/Count on in 5's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences/Count on in 10's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences/Count back in1's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences/Count back in 2's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequences/Count back in 10's (Oswego)
Subtracting (Edu Place)
Subtracting 2 Digit Numbers With Regrouping (Dositey)
Subtracting Games(Dositey)
Subtracting Sentences - 1 Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Subtraction (Free Math Test)
Subtraction of Three Digit Numbers (Harcourt School)
Subtraction of Whole Numbers
Subtraction Machine
Sum Fun (Beacon Learning Center)
Sum Sense/Addition (Oswego)
Sum Sense/Subtraction (Oswego)
Sum Sense/Multiplication (Oswego)
Sum Sense/Division (Oswego)
The Super Sequencer
Table Mountain (Teaching Tables)
Tables of Multiplication
Tables Tester
Take It Away! (Primary Games)
Teacher Dodgeball (Mr Nussbaum)
Test the Toad (BBC)
Times Tables Grid (BBC)
Times Tables Grid (BBC)
That's A Fact! (Harcourt School)
There Must Be Thousands (Beacon Learning Center)
Three is the Magic Number (Beacon Learning Center)
Tic Tac Toe Squares (Fun Brain)
The Timernator (Cool Math)
Today's Stuff for Real (PBS Kids)
Tug Team/Addition
Tug Team/Multiplication
Tweet! Tweet! Addition (EZ School)
Wabbit Words (ICT Games)
What a Crowd (Math Cats)
What's Your Name? (Beacon Learning Center)
Who Wants Pizza
Writing Big Numbers (BBC)


  1. Commutative Operations - Show that addition and multiplication are commutative operations.
  2. Not Commutative Operations - Show that subtraction and division are not commutative operations.
  3. Multiply - Use commutative, associative, and distributive properties to multiply whole numbers.
  4. Properties - Solve problems using the commutative, associative, and distributive properties.
  5. Find Unknowns - Find unknowns in number sente)
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Terms (IXL)
Bedroom Border (Beacon Learning Center)
Calculator For Free
Calculators (Math)
Christmas Lights (Beacon Learning Center)
Complete the Pattern (NLVM)
Equations 1 (AAA Math)
Find A Pattern III (AAA Math)
Identify Equation (IXL)
Glossary of Property (Math Forum)
Let's Go Shopping (Beacon Learning Center)
Math Dork
Math Story Problems (Math Cats)
Meet Paul Pattern (Harcourt School)
Missing Numbers (Beacon Learning Center)
Multiplication Array (Harcourt School)
My Backpack (Beacon Learning Center)
Number Cracker Game (Fun Brain)
Number Patterns (Harcourt School)
Pattern Generator (Interactivate)
Patterns (Links Learning)
Patterns For Solid Figures (Harcourt School)
Properties of Addition (AAA Math)
Properties of Addition (IXL)
Properties of Multiplication (IXL)
Properties of Multiplication (AAA Math)
Properties of Real Numbers
Quad Squad (Beacon Learning Center)
Relate Addition and Multiplication (IXL)
Relate Multiplication and Division (IXL)
Sequences (Glencoe)
Solid Patterns (Beacon Learning Center)
Solve for the Variable/Addition and Subtraction (IXL)
Solve for the Variable/Multiplication and Division (IXL)
Solve Using Properties of Addition (IXL)
Solve Using Properties of Multiplication (IXL)
Spooky Sequences (Oswego)
Stop That Creature (PBS Kids)
Sum Sense/Addition (Oswego)
Sum Sense/Subtraction (Oswego)
Understanding Parentheses (IXL)
Walrus World (Beacon Learning Center)
Whole Number Cruncher (Interactivate)
Write Variable Equations to Represent Word Problems (IXL)

Geometry and Measurement

  1. Plane Figures - Describe properties of plane figures (such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles) and solid shapes (such as spheres, cubes and cylinders).
  2. Polygon Sides - Classify polygons according to the number of their sides and angles.
  3. Line Segments - Classify lines and segments as parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting.
  4. Line Symmetry - Identify, create, and describe figures with line symmetry
  5. Measurement Units - Understand that all measurements require units.
  6. Fractions - Recognize the use of fractions in liquid measures.
  7. Relationships - Recognize the relationships among cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
  8. Capacity - Estimate and/or measure the capacity of a container.
  9. Weight - Measure weight to the nearest ounce or gram.
  10. Estimates - Use reasonable units of length (i.e. kilometer, meter, centimeter; mile, yard, foot, inch) in estimates and measures.
  11. Equivalences - Know common equivalences for length (1 meter = 100 centimeters, 1 yard = 3 feet, 1 foot = 12 inches).
  12. Mixed Units - Make and record measurements that use mixed units within the same system of measurement (such as feet and inches, meters and centimeters).
  13. Abbreviations - Use common abbreviations: km, m, cm, in, ft, yd, mi.
2-D Shapes
3-D Shapes
Adam Ant (Beacon Learning Center)
Add Feet and Inches (AAA Math)
Airlines Builder (PBS Kids)
Anglemania! (Beacon Learning Center)
Angles (Math Realm)
Angles: Greater Than, Less Than, Or Equal To A Right (IXL)
Animal Weigh In (BBC)
Architecture Blocks (Math Cats)
Area and Volume (Math Forum)
Area Explorer (Interactivate)
Area of Figures Made Of Unit Squares (IXL)
Area of Rectangles (IXL)
Ask Hannah! (Beacon Learning Center)
Attribute Blocks (NLVM)
Bathroom Tiles (BBC)
Capacity Challenge
Clinometer (Math Realm)
Compare and Convert Customary Units of Length (IXL)
Compare and Convert Customary Units of Volume (IXL)
Compare and Convert Customary Units of Weight (IXL)
Compare and Convert Metric Units of Length (IXL)
Compare and Convert Metric Units of Volume (IXL)
Compare and Convert Metric Units of Weight (IXL)
Compare Customary Units by Multiplying (IXL)
Congruent Triangles (NLVM)
Conversion Calculator (Gordon England)
Conversion Table
Conversion Tables/Customary Units (IXL)
Conversion Tables/Metric Units (IXL)
Converting Metric and US Lengths (AAA Math)
Convert Units of Length
Coordinate Geometry
Coordinate Geometry
Count and Compare Sides, Edges, Faces, and Vertices (IXL)
Customary Measurements (Harcourt School)
Distance and Length Conversion
Divide Feet and Inches (AAA Math)
Dividing Gallons, Quarts, and Pints (AAA Math)
Elapsed Time: Minutes and Hours (Harcourt School)
Equivalent Customary Measures (Harcourt School)
Estimating Customary Length (Harcourt School)
Estimating Metric Length (Harcourt School)
Estimation of Length (Links Learning)
The Facts Please, Mr. Mumble (Beacon Learning Center)
Finding Area (Harcourt School)
FunBrain Geometry (Fun Brain)
General Tables of Units of Measurement
Geoboard (Math Realm)
Geoboard (NLVM)
Geoboard/Coordinate (NLVM)
Geometric Shapes Matho (A Plus Math)
Geometric Shapes With Tangrams (Links Learning)
Geometric Solids and Their Properties (Illumination)
Geometry (Learner)
Geometry World (Math Realm)
Go! George Go! (PBS Kids)
Go To The Polygon Playground! (Math Cats)
How Many?
How Much Is It? (Math Cats)
How to Convert Units of Measurement
Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns (Harcourt School)
Identify Planar and Solid Shapes (IXL)
Inch by Inch (Math Forum)
Invisible Ape
Is It A Polygon? (IXL)
Jigsaw Puzzles Size-Up (PBS Kids)
Ladybug Mazes (NLVM)
Length Strength (Harcourt School)
Length Strength: Centimeters (Harcourt School)
Length Strength: Inches (Harcourt School)
Let's Make Ice Cream
Lines, Line Segments, and Rays (IXL)
Line, Ray, Segment (Illumination)
Line Symmetry (Links Learning)
Line Symmetry (Learner)
Line Symmetry
List of Mathematical Symbols (Wikipedia)
Logical Reasoning (Math Realm)
Matching 3-D Shapes (Harcourt School)
Math Abbreviations
Math Jingles/Measure and Measure (Harcourt School)
Math Jingles/What Am I? (Harcourt School)
Measure It (Fun Brain)
Measurement (That Quiz)
Measurement (Foss Web)
Measure The Teddy Bears (Apples 4 The Teacher)
Measuring Units Worksheets (Home School Math)
Metric Measurements (Harcourt School)
Metric Units and Measurement (Math League)
Metric Volume (AAA Math)
Multiple Feet and Inches (AAA Math)
Multiplying Gallons, Quarts, and Pints (AAA Math)
Non-Standard Measurement (Math Forum)
Ounce or Pound (Harcourt School)
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (Home School)
Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting (IXL)
Perimeter (IXL)
Perimeter: Find the Missing Side Length (IXL)
Perimeter of a Square (AAA Math)
Plane Area (Math Realm)
Platform Scale
Platform Scale/Addition
Platform Scale/Subtraction
Point Out The View (PBS Kids)
Polygons (Saxon Math)
Polygons (AAA Math)
Polygons II (AAA Math)
Polygons and Perimeter (TV 411)
Pour to Score (PBS Kids)
Precise Measurements (Harcourt School)
Puzzle Parlor
Read a Thermometer (IXL)
Reasonable Temperature (IXL)
Reflection or Flip (Soft Schools)
Reflection, Rotation, and Translation (IXL)
Rotation Symmetry (Learner)
Rotation Symmetry 2 (Learner)
The Ruler Game
Rulers and Tape Measures (TV 411)
Simple Maze Game (Interactivate)
Shape Invaders (Mr Nussbaum)
Shapes (ICT Games)
Shape, Space and Measurement (BBC)
Shape Surveyor (Fun Brain)
Shape Tool (Illumination)
Similar and Congruency (Soft Schools)
Similar and Congruent (IXL)
Sleuths On The Loose (PBS Kids)
Solid Figure Factory (Harcourt School)
Solid Geometry (Maths Is Fun)
Solid Patterns (Beacon Learning Center)
Star Gazing (PBS Kids)
Subtract Feet and Inches (AAA Math)
Surface Area and Volume (Interactivate)
Symmetrizer (PBS Kids)
Symmetry (IXL)
Symmetry (Harcourt School)
Symmetry (Primary Resources)
Symmetry Game (Soft Schools)
Tables of Metric Units of Measurement
Tables of US Units of Measurement
Tangram Game (PBS Kids)
Tangrams (NLVM)
Tangrams (Math Realm)
Tangrams (PBS Kids)
Temperature (Think Quest)
Tessellate (Interactivate)
Tess People (Math Cats)
Time to Move (PBS)
Time to the Minute (Harcourt School)
Tracing and Naming Faces (Harcourt School)
Transformation/Reflection (NLVM)
Triangles: Acute, Right, and Obtuse (IXL)
Triangles: Equilateral, Isosceles, and Scalene (IXL)
Triangle Types Based on Angles (AAA Math)
Triangle Types Based on Sides (AAA Math)
Types of Triangles Based on Angles (AAA Math)
Unit of Measurement (Wikipedia)
Using Congruent Figures (Harcourt School)
US Volume (AAA Math)
US Weight and Measurement
Volume (IXL)
Weight and Capacity (Links Learning)
Which Customary Unit is Appropriate (IXL)
Which Metric Unit is Appropriate (IXL)
Your Weight On Other Worlds (Exploratorium)
Zoo Designer (Mr Nussbaum)

Data Analysis, Statistics, And Probability

  1. Organize Data - Collect and organize data using observations, surveys, and experiments.
  2. Construct Graph - Construct a frequency table, bar graph, pictograph, or line plot of collected data.
  3. Interpret Data - Compare and interpret different representations of the same data.
  4. Solve Problems - Solve problems using data from frequency tables, bar graphs, pictographs, or line plots.
A Hairy Situation (Scholastic)
All The Parts (Beacon Learning Center)
As People Get Older, They Get Taller (Illumination)
Bar Chart (NLVM)
Bar Charts (Maths Frame)
Bar Graph (Interactivate)
Bar Graph (Study Zone)
Bar Graph Generator (Mr Nussbaum)
Bar Graphs (Study Zone)
Box Model (NLVM)
Bugs In The System! (PBS Kids)
Certain, Probable, Unlikely, and Impossible (IXL)
Circle Graph (Interactivate)
Coin Flipper (Math Cats)
Coin Toss (interactivate)
Collecting and Organizing Data (Harcourt School)
Collecting and Organizing Data (Harcourt School)
Coordinate Graphs 1 (IXL)
Coordinate Graphs 2 (IXL)
Combinations (IXL)
Count on Math (Illumination)
Create A Graph
Create Bar Graphs (IXL)
Create Line Graphs (IXL)
Create Line Plots (IXL)
Create Pictographs (IXL)
Data Picking (BBC)
Data To Graph
Disguise Combos (PBS Kids)
Experimental Probability (Interactivate)
Farm Animal Pictogram
Fish Tank (BBC)
Frequency Diagrams (BBC)
General Coordinates Game (Interactivate)
Graph Points on a Coordinate Plane (IXL)
Graphs (Saxon Math)
Graphs (That Quiz)
Heads I Win (Beacon Learning Center)
Histograph (NLVM)
The Hot Tub
How It All Stacks Up (Beacon Learning Center)
Interpreting Data (BBC)
Interpreting Data (BBC)
Interpret Bar Graphs (IXL)
Interpret Charts To Find Mean, Median, Mode, and Range (IXL)
Interpret Line Graphs (IXL)
Interpret Line Plots (IXL)
Interpret Pictographs (IXL)
Let's Graph!
Let's Graph! (Harcourt School)
Line Graph (Study Zone)
Line Graph (Mr Nussbaum)
Line Jumper (Fun Brain)
Line Plot
Lions, Tigers and Probability (Beacon Learning Center)
Make Your Own Pictograph (Soft Schools)
Making Bar Graphs (Harcourt School)
Making Bar Graphs (Harcourt School)
Math 6 Spy Guy
Mathematics and Football (Illumination)
Mean, Median, Mode, and Range (IXL)
Number Lines
Organizing Data (Harcourt School)
Patterns in Variations (Learner)
Pictogram Graph
Pictograph (Study Zone)
Pictograph Games (Soft Schools)
Pie Chart (Interactivate)
Pie Chart (NLVM)
Pie Test (Interactive Stuff)
Pin the Tail on the Tiger (Beacon Learning Center)
Play Ball (Beacon Learning Center)
Probability (BBC)
Probability Quiz (Soft Schools)
Reading Charts and Graphs (TV 411)
Reading Pictograph (Study Zone)
Real Number Line (Explore Learning)
Recording Results of Experiments (Harcourt School)
Send In The Trolls (PBS Kids)
Spinners (NLVM)
Spinning Probability (Harcourt School)
Theme Park Favorites (Harcourt School)
Train Race (BBC)
Venn Diagrams (IXL)
Virtual Coin Toss (PBS Kids)
What Are My Chances (Beacon Learning Center)
What Is The Probability? (Soft Schools)
What Should I Wear? (Beacon Learning Center)
What's The Point? (Fun Brain)
Why Can't I Win? (Beacon Learning Center)