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Plimoth Plantation
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Cross Section of Mayflower
The Pilgrims and America's First Thanksgiving
The History of Thanksgiving and Its Celebration
Thanksgiving Day in Canada: The History and Origin of a Northern Thanksgiving
Did You Know? Facts, Figures, and Folklore About the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Information
Thanksgiving A Celebration of Gratitude
The Founding of a New Societies K-2nd grade
Thanksgiving: A Focus on Clothing (Teacher Link)
Wampanoag History
Thanksgiving Tradition and History
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Thanksgiving Day at Alphabet Soup (Alphabet Soup)
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The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving (Hubbard's Cupboard)
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November Ideas (Mrs Martell's Class)
Giving Thanks
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It's Thanksgiving
Feast for 10
A Thanksgiving Story (Bry Back Manor)
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Thanksgiving (Can Teach)
Thanksgiving Poems and Songs (DLTK)

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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan (Everything ESL) 1st to 4th Grade

Interactive and Online Activities
Voyage to the New World
The First Thanksgiving
Interactive Map: The Pilgrims' Journey To America (Edu Place)
Welcome to a Pilgrim Village! (Scholastic)
The First Thanksgiving (Spring Board Magazine)
Thanksgiving Slideshow (Scholastic)
Journey on the Mayflower (Scholastic)
Tour the Ship (Scholastic)
Daily Life (Scholastic)
The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving
You Are The Historian (Plimoth)
The Story Of Squanto (Weekly Reader)
The First Thanksgiving In America (Many Things)
Thanksgiving In The USA (Many Things)
Letters From the Mayflower, Letters From the Tribe (Scholastic)
The First Thanksgiving (Scholastic)
Turkey Escape (123 Bee) Game
Thanksgiving Room Escape (Games 2 Rule) Game
American Indians (Brain Pop) Preview
Thanksgiving (Brain Pop Jr) Preview
Talk Like A Pilgrim (Plimoth)
Too Many Turkeys (Winslow Press) Game
Thanksgiving Turkey (Billy Bear 4 Kids) Puzzle
Quiz Your Noodle (National Geographic)
Funny Fill-In (National Geographic)
Thanksgiving Timeline, 1541 to 2001
Turkey Anagram Game (A Kids Heart)
Thanksgiving Day Quiz (The Holiday Spot)
Video Vignettes (Library Think Quest)
Daily Life: Housing (Scholastic)
That's Plymouth Rock (Midge Frazel)
Thanksgiving Meal (A for ESL)
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Thanksgiving Word Search (Apples 4 Teacher)
Turkey To Go (Funny Games)
Hidden Numbers (Kongregate)
Turkey Fling (Kongregate)
Thanksgiving Coloring Game (Kaboose)
Wild Turkey (DLTK)
Thanksgiving Games (A Kids Heart)
Turkey Dress-Up (A Kids Heart)
Pilgrim and Indian (Apples 4 The Teacher)
Animated Thanksgiving (Animated Thanksgiving)
Turkey Surprise! (Meddy Bemps)
Silly Turkey (Starfall)
Thanksgiving Feast (Fun School)
Turkey Flibriks (Kaboose)
Thanksgiving Coloring Game (Kaboose)
Drop Turkey (
Animated Thanksgiving (Animated Thanksgiving)
Walking Turkey (Apples 4 The Teachers)
Thanksgiving (Apples 4 The Teachers)
Coloring a Turkey (Soft Schools)
Thanksgiving Fun and Games (Alphabet Soup)
Turkey Swap (A Kids Heart)
Thanksgiving Games (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Thanksgiving Matching Game (Primary Games)
Thanksgiving Games (Kaboose)
Thanksgiving Games (DLTK)
Thanksgiving Games (Primary Games)
Turkey Dance (Mighty Book)

Thanksgiving WebQuest (Scholastic)
The Pilgrims and Me: A First Grade WebQuest (Quest Garden)
Uncovering the Truth: The First Thanksgiving (Curriki) Fifth Grade
The First Thanksgiving
Pilgrim Life Adventure

Rexanne's Thanksgiving (Rexanne)

Thanksgiving Crafts (Kaboose)
Native American Activities (DLTK)
Thanksgiving (Apples 4 The Teacher)