Presidents' Day

Resources, Themes and Units
Presidents' Day (Alphabet Soup)
White House 101 (White House)
White House Pets (Presidential Pet Museum)
Presidents of the United States (About Famous People)
Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies (Library of Congress)
Presidents' Day 2011 (Kaboose)
Presidents' Day Activities (Education World)
President's Day
President's Day (Score)
List of Presidents (video of first 5 presidents)
Inauguration (Senate)
Presidential Inaugurations (Memory)
The Lincoln/Kennedy Connection (Cover-ups)
The Presidents (White House)
Popular Presidents' Day Activities for U.S. History (Teacher Vision)
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
James Madison's Montpelier

Inside the White House (White House)
The Presidential Timeline (Presidential Timeline)
Presidents' Day Games and Activities (A Kid's Heart)
Presidents' Day Games (Primary Games)
Mount Rushmore Puzzle (Apples 4 The Teacher)
President's Games (Gamequarium)
Who is your favorite President of the United States?

Presidents' Day WebQuest