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Alphabet Bang!

Alphabet Antics

Alphabet Action


ABC Alphabet

A - Z

What's the Word?

ABCD Watermelon

ABC Order

ABC Match

The ABC Game

10 Peoms(BBC)
The ABC Game (Primary Games)
ABC Match(Read Write Think)
ABC Order Learning Planet)
ABCD Watermelon (PBS Kids)
Alien Scavenger Hunt(Earobics)
Alien Scavenger Hunt II (Earobics)
Alien Scavenger Hunt III (Earobics)
Alphabet (Fun Brain)
Alphabet (Starfall)
Alphabet (Dositey)
Alphabet Action (Learning Planet)
Alphabet Antics
Alphabet Bang! (Kiddies Games)
Alphabet Bears (Earobics)
Alphabet Book(Play Kids Games)
Alphabet Falls (PBS Kids)
Alphabet Fun! (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Alphabet Coloring Posters (DLTK)
Alphabet Goop(TVO Kids)
Alphabet Ideas (DLTK)
Alphabet Match (ABCya)
Alphabet Soup (Sesame Street)
Alphabetical Order (Roy the Zebra)
Alphabetical Order
Alphabetical Order(Crick Web)
Alphabuddies Alphabet Section
Animal Labeling(Crick Web)
Animal Muddle(BBC)
Animals(Fun Brain)
Around Your Home(Crick Web)
Basic Resources (Student Zone)
Bear's Skateboard Park (PBS Kids)
Beginning Letters
Bembo Zoo
Big Bird's Letters (Sesame Street)
Bicycle Signs(Traffic Sign)
Bike Safety
Blending Bowl(PBS Kids)
Bloople's Colors(Sheppard Software)
The Book of Pooh(Disney)
Chicken Coop (Professor Garfield)
Classroom Labeling(Crick Web)
Color Match(A Kids Heart)
Color Me Online(A Kids Heart)
Colors of Traffic Signs
Color the Rainbow(Story Place)
Common Sight Words (Student Zone)
Concentration (Scholastic)
Connect the Dots (Fun Brain)
Connect the Dots With Letters of the Alphabet
Construct A Word (Read Write Think)
Digby Mole's Word Game (BBC)
End Sounds Game (BBC)
English Language Exercises (PDictionary)
ESL Quiz
Farm Labels(Crick Web)
Fearless Frieda(Earobics)
Fearless Frieda - Big Kahuna (Earobics)
Find the Rhymes
Find the Shapes and Colors (Boowa Kwala)
Folktales and Fables (PBS Kids)
Fridge(Cartoon Critters)
First Sounds Game (BBC)
Fishing With Phonics (Professor Garfield)
Free Phonics Worksheets
Free Worksheets (Beginning Reading)
Frog's Rhyming Machine (PBS Kids)
Fruit(Fun Brain)
Fruit Labeling (Crick Web)
Fruits(Fun Brain)
Fun Blaster (Fun School)
Fun Fonix
Fuzzy Lion Ears (PBS Kids)
Grab Bag (PBS Kids)
Grammar Gold
Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventures
Handwriting for Kids
The Hay Loft (Professor Garfield)
Hedgie's Alphabet (Jan Brett)
High Frequency Words (Sadlier-Oxford)
How the Alphabet Got Its Order (Starfall)
If You Give A Mouse a Cookie: Games
Jim's Whirlyword Machine (BBC)
Kangaroo Confusion (Earobics)
Keyboard-O-Rama (Sesame Street)
Kids Printable Coloring
Language Arts Index(Kid Port)
Learn About Counting(AAA Math)
Learn To Read(Starfall)
Learn to Write(My Moon Drops)
Learn Your Letters (Kids)
Leo Loves To Spell!(Scholastic)
Lesson Sense
Letterella(TVO Kids)
Letter Blends (Kid Port)
Letter Choice
Letter Match(Scholastic)
Letter Maze(Kid Port)
Letter Recognition
Letter Recognition 2
Letter Recognition 3
Letters and Pictures (Kid Port)
Letters to Big Bird (Sesame Street)
Letter TV Brick Wall(Letter TV)
Literacy Center
Look Cover(Amble Side Primary)
Loosey Goosey Rhymes(TVO Kids)
Long Vowels
Lug and the Giant Space Storks (BBC)
Machine(ICT Games)
Machines(Fun Brain)
Make a Word (Scholastic)
Match Upper-Case and Lower-Case Letters Game (ABCya)
Matching Rhyming Words
The Missing Letter Game (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Missing Letters in Words (Kid Port)
Missing Letters of the Alphabet
Monkey Business (Earobics)
Musical Worms Spelling (Kids)
Penguins On Ice(BBC)
Phonemic Segmentation
Phonic Endings Level 1 (Dositey)
Phonic Endings Level 2(Dositey)
Phonic Endings Level 3(Dositey)
Phonics (Dositey)
Phonics(Kiddo Net)
Phonic Fighter (ICT Games)
Phonics Works
Picture Match (Read Write Think)
The Pig Waller(Professor Garfield)
Pig's Perfect Pizza (PBS Kids)
Playground(Learn English Kids)
Poems (BBC)
Pop and Spell(PBS Kids)
Pounce(PBS Kids)
Professor Garfield(Professor Garfield)
Put It On The Shelf(The Kidz Page)
The Quiet Machine (PBS Kids)
Rags to Riches(Quia)
Railroad Safety
Reading Rover (Brain Connection)
Reggie Loves to Rhyme (Scholastic)
Rhyming Game(BBC)
Rhyme Bot
Rhyme Time(Fun School)
Rhyme Time(TVO Kids)
Rhyming Words Activities
Road Markers(Route Markers)
Safe Walking
Safety(Kidz Club)
Sand Castle Quiz (BBC)
Sassy Seals(Earobics)
School Bus and School Zones
See 'N Spell(Primary Games)
Shapes (Student Zone)
Shapes(Fun Brain)
Shapes and Colors(Giraffian)
Shapes of Traffic Signs
Short Vowels
Sight Words
Signs Shapes and Colors
Sound Buttons(Kent Trust Web)
Sound Isolation
The Sound Monster (BBC)
Sound Substitution
Spelling City
Spelling Test(Net Rover)
Spring Bee(Play Kids Games)
Stanley's Alphabet
Syllable Segmentation
Stories(Kiz Club)
Teddy Bear's Picnic
Three Little Plays(Starfall)
Tom's Color Game(Roy the Zebra)
Tools(Fun Brain)
Tracer Pages(DLTK)
Traditional Story Labels(Crick Web)
Transport Labeling(Crick Web)
Unscramble the Words(Kid Port)
Wall Of Words
Warning Signs(Traffic Sign)
Welcome to the Alphabet Zoo
Wizard and Pigs(Earobics)
Wonder Word Match-up(PBS Kids)
Word Families (Enchanted Learning)
Word Blender(BBC)
Word Family Booklets (Hubbards Cupboard)
Word Family Phonics (Kid Zone)
Word Family Sort(Read Write Think)
Word Formation
Word Jumbler (BBC)
Words and Pictures (BBC)
Words(Fun Brain)
Word Wizard (Read Write Think)
Write a Postcard(BBC)
Vegetable Labeling(Crick Web)
Vowel Save the Day! (Starfall)
Zara's Capital Letter Game (Roy the Zebra)
A Neighborhood Story (PBS Kids)
Alphabet Ideas (DLTK)
Baa, Baa Black Sheep (Enchanted Learning)
Baking Bread (Kiz Club)
Books For Young Children (Magic Keys)
The Butterfly Trail(BBC)
Children's Songs (Kididdles)
Clifford's Interactive Storybooks (Scholastic)
Coaching Conversation Skills (Children's Disabilities)
Country Mouse and City Mouse (Kiz Club)
Creative Problem Solving with Ezra Jack Keats (Read Write Think)
The Fox and The Crow (Kiz Club)
Folktales and Fables (PBS Kids)
Fairy Tales Theme (First School)
Fraser the Eraser (BBC)
Good Listening Rules
Humpty Dumpty(Enchanted Learning)
I Will Not Take A Bath (Story Place)
Kazounds(Fun School)
Kindergarten Rhyme Time (Hubbards Cupboard)
Listen Up(Ready Web)
Loosey Goosey Rhymes (TVO Kids)
Mighty Book
The Missing Pencil (BBC)
The Mouse and The Lion (Kiz Club)
Nursery Rhymes (Apples 4 the Teacher)
Nursery Rhymes(The Virtual Vine)
Polite Conversation (Speak Up Texas)
The Perfect Pet (Story Place)
Song and Poems (Can Teach)
Stories(Light Up Your Brain)
Stories 1 (Kiz Club)
Stories 2 (Kiz Club)
Stories 3 (Kiz Club)
Storyline Online
Talking With a Friend (Speak Up Texas)
Teaching Children Conversation Skills (Boys Town Pediatrics)
Tina's World 2(Earobics)
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Three Bears (Kiz Club)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Kiz Club)
Three Little Pigs (DLTK)
Three Little Plays (Starfall)
Toon Book Reader (Professor Garfield)
Ways to Increase Communication and Language (Sandbox-Learning)
When It's Time To Talk (Speak Up Texas)
The Wishing Tree
The Yellow Gorilla (Story Place)
The Big Green Monster (Read Write Think)
Characters (PBS Kids)
Concept Maps (Archive)
Graphic Organizers (Enchanted Learning)
Graphic Organizers (Eduplace)
Graphic Organizer (Graphic)
The Great Big Fancy Word Game (Nick Jr.)
Handwriting Practice (Teach-nology)
Handwriting Worksheets Wizard (Writing Wizard)
Harold and the Purple Crayon (HBO Family)
Interactive Venn Diagram (Read Write Think)
Kinds of Concept Maps (Archive)
Kung-Fu Sentences (BBC)
Manuscript Handwriting (ABC Teach)
Picture Sentences (Teach-nology)
Picture Sentence Worksheets (Teach-nology)
Spelling Set (Pumaland)
StoryBoard (Scholastic)
Story Starter (Scholastic)
Story Starters (Meddy Bemps)
Tracing Paper (My Moon Drops)
Writing Poetry with Rebus and Rhyme (Read Write Think)
What Will Happen Next? (Scholastic)
Word Mover (Read Write Think)
Write a Postcard(BBC)
Using Excel for Concept Mapping (Internet 4 Classrooms)
Community Resources
Family History Interviews
Family Ties (Read Write Think)
How to Interview Your Family (eHow)
Interview a Relative (Genealogy)
Interviewing Your Family (Family Education)
Making Connections
Oral Prsentations
Tomie dePaola
Using Community Resources
We All Grow and Change
Whatever the Weather
Writing Reports in Kindergarten? Yes!
Writing Workshop (Read Write Think)
Binky's Story Scramble (PBS Kids)
Cause and Effect Book List (Teachers)
Draw a Story
I Can Wash Dishes (Econedlink)
Time Sequence Game (Do 2 Learn)
Wall of Words
What's the Order? (Fun School)
What Will Happen Next? (Scholastic)
Informational Text
A Neighborhood Story
Animal Study
I Can Wash Dishes (econedlink)
It's Bath Time! (Story Place)
Picture Sentences (Teach-nology)
The Tales of Peter Rabbit
Let's Use the Library!
Save The Library!
Story Place
Welcome to Zinger Tales!
Writing Reports in Kindergarten? Yes! (Read Write Think)
A Neighborhood Story (PBS Kids)
And Then
Animal Muddle
Animal Study (Read Write Think)
Bab Books
Between The Lions (PBS Kids)
Books For Young Children (Magic Keys)
Book-Pop: Virtualibrary
Brementown Musicians
The Butterfly Trail (BBC)
CBeebies Stories (BBC)
Children's Books Forever!
Children's Storybooks Online
Cinderella Stories
Concept Maps (Archive)
The Day Little A Ran Away (RIF)
End the Story (Scholastic)
Family Ties (Read Write Think)
Fantasy or Reality
Fractured Fairy Tales (Read Write Think)
Free Arthur Online Stories (Kids AOL)
Follow the Clues (Scholastic)
Graphic Organizer
Graphic Organizers (Enchanted Learning)
Graphic Organizers
High Frequency Words
I Can Read (Scholastic)
I Can Wash Dishes (EconedLink)
Inkless Tales: Stories
Interactive Venn Diagram
It's Bath Time! (Story Place)
Kinds of Concept Maps (Archive)
The Little Animals Activity Centre
Little Blue and Little Yellow (Scholastic)
Loosey Goosey Rhymes (TVO Kids)
Making Connections
Mall Safety Song (Do 2 Learn)
Merpy Stories
Mighty Book: Story Books
Mighty Book: Short Classic Songs (Mighty Book)
The Missing Pencil (BBC)
Mr. Bump Loses His Memory (Kinder Site)
My Brother the Robot (Lil' Fingers Storybooks)
The Playground
Picture Sentences (Teach-nology)
Poetry (Starfall)
Princess and the Pea (Story Plus)
Read Along Stories and Songs (RIF)
Reading Clinic (Scholastic)
Rebus Roundup (Highlights Kids)
Reggie Loves to Rhyme (Scholastic)
Rhyming Game (BBC)
Rhyme Time (TVO Kids)
Rhyme Time (Fun School)
Ring-Ling Jokes (Might Book)
StoryBoard (Scholastic)
Stories 1 (Kiz Club)
Stories 2 (Kiz Club)
Stories 3
Story Board (Scholastic)
Storyline Online
The Tales of Peter Rabbit
Three Little Plays (Starfall)
Tina's World (Earobics)
Tips on Reading Aloud
Using Excel for Concept Mapping (Internet 4 Classrooms)
What to Read Aloud?
What Will Happen Next? (Scholastic)
The Wishing Tree (BBC)
Wizard and Pigs (Earobics)
Woodpecker Knocking (Mighty Book)

ABCya! Games
Beantime Stories
Click-and-Play Hidden Pictures (Highlights Kids)
Curious George: Games
Elementary Library: Games
Game Goo
Interactive English Games and Activities
Interactive Whiteboard Resources (TopMarks)
I Sail the Sea! (Silly Books)
Kindergarten Skills (Internet 4 Classrooms)
Kinder Site
PBS Kids: Games
Per-School Library: Games
Professor Garfield
Sadlier-Oxford: Phonics
Sesame Street
Silly Books
Star Fall
TVO Kids