October 31st

Themes and Units
A Pumpkin Unit (TeachingHeart)
Halloween K-3 Theme Page (Enchanted Learning)
This Is A great Wensite(LOSERS)
Preschool Halloween Theme (Everything Preschool)
Pumpkin Unit 1st Grade
Pumpkin Teaching Theme (Little Giraffes)
Pumpkins Aplenty, Pumpkins Galore (The Virtual Vine)
Trick or Treat! (The Virtual Vine)
Skeletons (Little Giraffes)
Spiders (Little Giraffes)
Spiders (Hummingbird Ed)
Pumpkins and Spiders Unit (The K-Crew)

Websites with Collections of activities, poems, songs, recipes, crafts and more
Halloween Preschool Lesson Plans (123Child)
Happy Halloween (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Halloween (ChildFun)
Halloween Activities for Children (DLTK)
Halloween Activities (The Teacher Corner)
Halloween Activities (KiddyHouse)
Halloween Activities and Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten (First School)
October and Pumpkins (Hummingbird Educational Resources)
Halloween (Kaboose)
Halloween Crats and Halloween Preschool Activities (KidsSoup)
Happy Halloween (Little Giraffes)
Halloween (Making Learning Fun)
Happy Halloween (Education World)
Halloween Lesson Ideas (Princetonol)
Halloween (Teachnology)
Halloween Resourcs Page (Teacher Planet)
Happy Halloween (PBS)
Printable Halloween Cards
Pumpkin Farm
Pump Up The Curriculum With Pumpkins (Education World)
Pumpkin, Pumpkin (Kids Learn)
Boo!! Did I Scare You? (Alphabet Soup)
Happy Halloween (Holiday Net)
Halloween (KinderThemes)
Halloween Treats (Halloween Treats)
Halloween Fun (Perpetual Preschool)
Halloween Theme (PreKinders)
Halloween (Preschool Education)
Halloween (Preschool Express)
Preschool Halloween Theme (Step by Step)
Trick or Treat! (The Virtual Vine)
Bat (Little Giraffes)
Happy Halloween! (Lil' Fingers)
Weighing In: Pumpkin Facts (Downing Pumpkins)
Pumpkin Halloween Web Page (Kennesaw)
Pumpkins (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
Pumpkin Circle Project
Bats (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
Ghost, Ghouls & Goblins (42 Explore)
Happy Halloween! (Bry-Backmanor)
Happy Halloween (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Halloween (History Channel) includes videos
October Resources
Pick A Pumpkin Activity (Education World)
Halloween Printable Activities (DLTK)
Pumpkin Circuit (A to Z Teacher Stuff) 1st to 5th Grade
Halloween Fun-4-Kids (Rats 2 U)
Happy Halloween (Bry-Backmanor)
Halloween Fun
Animated Halloween (Animated Halloween)
Creepy Coloring (Fun School)
Halloween Safety Tips (Skitsap)
Best Halloween Websites (Mystery Net)
Baby Fairy Costume (Halloween Costume)
Halloween Costumes and Accessories
Best Halloween Costume ( Costume Ideas)
Private School Hallowen List

Arts and Crafts
Halloween Crafts (Making Friends)
Pumpkin Seed Mosaic (KindArt)
Children's Halloween Craft (DLTK)
Halloween Coloring Pages (First-School)
Halloween Coloring Pages (Coloring)
Halloween Coloring Fun (Halloweenishere)
Halloween Counting Coloring Pages (Coloring Castle)
Halloween Crafts (Halloweenishere)
Halloween Craft Ideas (Kids' Turn Central)
Ivy's Halloween Coloring Page (Ivy Joy)
Monster Art (Educator's Reference Desk) 5th Grade
Halloween Riddle Coloring Pages (DLTK)
Handprint Pumpkin Patch (The Idea Box)
Halloween Activities for Children (DLTK)

Halloween Games to Play (DLTK)
Pass The Pumpkin Game (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
Halloween Games for Kids (Costume SuperCenter)

Poems and Songs
We're Goin' To The Pumpkin Farm (Nancy Music)
Harvest/Pumpkin Poems and Songs (Teachers Net)
Hallowe'en (Can Teach)

Lesson Plans
Halloween History Lesson (Teacher Vision)
Halloween (History) (Teacher Links) 1st and 2nd Grade
Halloween Lesson Plans (HotChalk-Lesson Plans Page)
Monster Mash (Education World)
Halloween Tales (Education World)
My Pumpkin Patch printable (Starfall)
Poetry Format Samples (Kids Learn)
Pumpkin Potpourri (Education World) K-2nd Grade
Integrated Lesson Plan 2nd Grade

Language Arts
A Horror Movie
Creative Writing: Halloween Theme 2nd Grade
Scare Up Some Great Halloween Poetry-Writing Activities! (Education World)
The Interactive Raven (Teachers First) 6th - 12th Grade
Pumpkin, Pumpkin (Teachers Net)
Halloween Creative Writing Project (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
History of Halloween (5 Minute English)
Pumpkin Similes (ABC Teach)
My Pumpkin Book (Pratt's Educational Resources)
Five Little Pumpkins (DLTK)
The Little Orange House (The Virtual Vine)
5 Little Pumpkins (Preschool Printables)
Spooktacular Story (Picketts Mill)

Halloween Candy Sort
Estimating With Pumpkins Seeds (Hotchalk/Lesson Plans Page)
Pumpkin Pattern (First-School)
Pumpkin Problems (RHL School)

Pumpkin Investigations (Teachers Net)
How A Pumpkin Grows (Kizclub)
Pumpkin Exploration (SEDL)
Pumpkin Life Cycle (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
Pumpkin Science (A to Z Teacher Stuff) 2nd to 6th Grade
Will The Pumpkin Sink or Float? (Everything ESL) 1st to 4th Grade

Social Studies
Explore With Pumpkins (Teachers Net)

Celebrate Halloween with Hershey (Hershey)
Yummy Pumpkin Treats (A to Z Teacher Stuff)
Pumpkin Recipes (University of Illinois)
Abigail's Pumpkin Recipes (A to Z Teacher Stuff) K-2nd Grade
Halloween Recipes (Kids' Turn Central)
Halloween Recipes (Family Fun)
Gross Halloween Party Food (Family Corner)
8 Haunted Halloween Recipes (Kaboose)
Halloween Recipes (DLTK)
Bizarre Halloween Recipes (Angie's Realm)
How to Make Halloween Cookie Cutter Salt Dough Creatures (All Free Crafts)

SmartBoards (Notebook Software is required to use many of these sites)
The Ghost Countdown (SmartBoards)
October 2010 (Teachers Love Smart Boards)
SMARTBoards and Halloween Resources (Teachers Love SMARTBoards)

Safety Rules
Halloween Safety Rules (Halloween Magazine)

Interactive and Online Activities
Halloween Hangman
Halloween Hangman
Carve A Pumpkin
Carve A Pumpkin
Ghoulish Games
Pumpkin Jigsaw Puzzle (Primary Games)
Halloween Bat Jigsaw Puzzle (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Bat Jigsaw Puzzle (Kidzone)
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle (DLTK)
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle (DLTK)
Jack-O-Lantern Jigsaw Puzzle (Primary Games)
Witch's Brew Jigsaw Puzzle (Apples For The Teacher)
Jack-O-Lantern Jigsaw Puzzle (Apples For The Teacher)
Witch's Broom Jigsaw Puzzle (Apples For The Teacher)
Skeleton Dance Jigsaw Puzzle (Apples For The Teacher)
Halloween Pairs Game (Think Bank)
Halloween Pumpkins (Novel Games)
The Official Halloween Safety Game (Halloween Magazine)
Crank It Up! (PBS)
Halloween (PBS)
Animated Halloween (Animated Halloween)
Pick A Pumpkin (Starfall)
Halloween Tic Tac Toe (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Halloween Dress Up Game (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Halloween Online Games (Billy Bear 4 Kids)
Carve You Pumpkin (Theoworlds)
Pumpkin Carver (Dayton Daily News)
Virtual Jack-O-Lantern (Swan's Pumpkin Farm)
Halloween (Ben & Jerry)
Halloween (BrainPOP) Video
By The Light of the Halloween Moon (ThinkPort) Video
Where The Wild Things Are (thinkPort) Video
The Interactive Raven (Teachers First) 6th - 12th Grade
Create A Virtual Pumpkin! (BellaOnline)
Pumpkin (Halloween Treats)
Franky (Halloween Treats)
Hide and Seek (Lil' Fingers)
Pumpkins (Lil' Fingers)
Pumpkin Math Riddles (Lesson Plans Page)
Merpy's Halloween Adventure (Merpy)
Spooky (Bry-Backmanor)
Pumpkin Trivia Quiz (Discovery Education)
Interactive Quiz: Halloween (BBC)
Frankenbrain (Funschool)
Spelloween (Learn English)
Creepy Coloring (Funschool) Preschool
The Pumpkin Patch (Meddy Bemps)
Pumpkins (Frog Hop)
Animated Halloween (Animated Halloween)
Winnie the Pooh Halloween Games
Halloween Hallow (Vicki Blackwell)
Carve a Pumpkin
Halloween Games (Primary Games)
Streamer Screamer (Kaboose)
Bungle (Primary Games)
Halloween (Meddy Bemps)
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles (Apples 4 the teacher)
Halloween Games (Kaboose)
Free Halloween Jigsaws (Free Halloween)
Happy Halloween (Play It On The Web)
Halloween Bowling (Online Flash Games)
Cats Bowling (Members)
Halloween Theme (Yes Net)
Halloween Sites for Kids (Bristol)
Halloween Web Sites (Kids Turn Central)
Halloween Online Coloring Page (The Color)
Halloween (Fun School)

Pumpkin (Backyard Gardener)
Halloween (Smartboards)

The Great Pumpkin Detectives WebQuest Kindergarten
Pumpkin Patch (Guilford)
1st and 2nd Grade Halloween WebQuest (Harrison)
Halloween WebQuest (Etetens)

Trick or Treat for UNICEF