Mathematical Process

  1. Accuracy - Understand the relationship between use of answers and the accuracy of the number.
  2. Appropriate Estimate - Identify the range of appropriate estimates, including over-estimate and under-estimate.
  3. Money - Connect operations with decimals to money and make estimates.
  4. Properties - Use commutative, associative, and distributive properties of numbers including oral descriptions of mathematical reasoning.
  5. Measure - Measure using ruler, meter stick, clock, thermometer, or other scaled instruments.
  6. Attributes - Identify geometric or physical attributes that are appropriate to measure in a given situation.
  7. Translate Problems - Translate the details of a contextual problem into diagrams and/or numerical expressions, and express answers using appropriate units.
  8. Match - Match the spoken, written, concrete (including base ten blocks), and pictorial representations of decimals.
  9. Story Problem - Develop a story problem that illustrates a given multiplication or division number sentence.
  10. Books - Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.
Accuracy (Math World)
Approximate Numbers
Area Models for Multiplication and Division
Aunty Math
Basic Number Properties: Associative, Commutative, and Distributive (Purple Math)
Be a Scientist (Beacon Learning Center)
Budget Odyssey
Category: Mathematics Fiction Books (Wikipedia)
Change Maker (Fun Brain)
Commutative Property (Wikipedia)
Comparison Estimator
Cooking by Numbers
Decimals of the Caribbean (Mr. Nussbeam)
Draw a Picture (Study Zone)
Elapsed Time (Interactivate)
Escape From Knab
Estimate (Oswego)
Estimation Golf Valley (Mr. Nussbaum)
Estimator (Interactivate)
Guess the Number!
H.I.P. Pocket Change (U.S. Mint)
Home Decorating
Home Run Derby Math (Mr. Nussbaum)
Hot Stuff (Beacon Learning Center)
Interactive Thermometer (Maths is Fun)
Let's Compare (Harcourt School)
Let's Go Shopping (Beacon Learning Center)
Lunch Lady (Mr. Nussbaum)
Mad Money (PBS Kids)
Math and Science: Related Book You Can Read (Math Forum)
Math in the Whole Language Classroom
Math Month in the Library (Carol Hurst)
Math Novels
Math Story Problems! (Math Cats)
The Million $ Mission
Model and Solve Math Word Problems (Math Playground)
Money (AAA Math)
More or Less Estimator (Interactivate)
Novel Mathematics
Number Properties (Online Math Learning)
Pattern Blocks
Playing to Win
Precision (Math World)
Savings and Credit
Scott Nickel's Change Maker (Mr. Nussbaum)
Race for Radopolis! (PBS Kids)
Reader List (Living Math)
Round About (Beacon Learning Center)
Rounding Off (BBC)
Round to the Nearest Dollar (Teach-nology)
Rules for Significant Figures and Decimal Places (Math Forum)
Temperature (BBC)
That's Right! (Beacon Learning Center)
They're Having a Sale (Teach-nology)
Tracking Temperature (Scholastic)
Translate a Diagram to an Expression (Study Zone)
Using Models, Facts, and Relationships to Explain (Study Zone)
Weigh the Wangdoodles (Math Playground)
What is the Temperature? (IXL)
Written and Verbal Lesson (Study Zone)
Written and Verbal Practice (Study Zone)

Numbers and Operations

  1. Compose and Decompose - Compose and decompose quantities according to place value.
  2. Decimal Notation - Understand decimal notation as an extension of the base-ten number system
  3. Multiply - Multiply two- and three-digit whole numbers.
  4. Reliable Algorithm - Understand and use a reliable algorithm for multiplying multi-digit numbers and dividing numbers by a single-digit divisor accurately and efficiently.
  5. Zero - Understand that division by zero is undefined.
  6. Divide - Divide three-digit whole numbers by one-digit divisors fluently with pencil and paper.
  7. Factors - Identify factors of whole numbers and model factors and products beyond basic multiplication facts using arrays and area models.
  8. Equivalent Forms - Generate equivalent forms of whole numbers, decimals, and common fractions (e.g., 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4).
  9. Compare - Compare equivalent forms whole numbers, fractions, and decimals to each other and to benchmark numbers
  10. Use Models - Use models to understand division as the inverse of multiplication, partitioning, and repeated subtraction.
  11. Compare Fractions - Use models, benchmarks, and equivalent forms to compare fractions/decimals and locate them on the number line.
  12. Use Decimals - Understand and use decimal numbers up to hundredths and write them as fractions.
  13. Solve Problems - Solve multi-step problems of various types using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
  14. Remainder - Understand the role of the remainder in division.
13 Ways of Looking at a Half (PBS Kids)
Adding and Subtraction Fractions (Glencoe)
Adding Fractions With the Same Denominators (AAA Math)
Addition Sentences (AAA Math)
All In The Family (Beacon Learning Center)
Animal Legs (Beacon Learning Center)
Are You A Math Magician? (Oswego)
Are You A Math Magician? /Multiplication (Oswego)
Arithmetic Four (Interactivate)
Calculation Nation
Cameron's Trip (Beacon Learning Center)
Checking Division (Beacon Learning Center)
Check It Out! (Beacon Learning Center)
Clownfish (What 2 Learn)
Comparing Fractions (BBC)
Comparing Fractions (NLVM)
Computation Castle (Mr. Nussbaum)
Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (Fact Monster)
Cyber Challenge (Math Mastery)
Death to Decimals (Mr. Nussbaum)
The Decifractator
Decimal Equivalent to Fraction (Saxon Math)
Decimal Squares Interactive Games
Decimal Switch
Dirt Bike Comparing Fractions
Dividing by 0 (Math Forum)
Division by Zero (Wikipedia)
Division Machine
Draggable Multiplication (Mr Nussbaum)
Draggable Multiplication (Mr. Nussbaum)
Draggable Division (Mr. Nussbaum)
Equivalent Fractions (Saxon Math)
Equivalent Fractions (Illuminations)
Equivalent Fractions
Explore the Multiplication Table! (Math Cats)
EZ Fractions (Mr Nussbaum)
Fact Families (Beacon Learning Center)
The Factor Game (Illuminations)
Factors of Whole Numbers (Study Stack)
Farm Stand Math (Prongo)
Fix the RailRoad Tracks (PBS Kids)
Flowering Fractions (Beacon Learning Center)
Flower Power
Fractions and Decimals (Saxon Math)
Fraction Flags/Halves and Quarters (Oswego)
Fraction Game Tool (Illuminations)
Fraction Sorter
Fresh Baked Fractions (Fun Brain)
Glowla's Estimation Contraption (PBS Kids)
Groups of Dogs (Beacon Learning Center)
Kids Math Word Problems
Let's Go Shopping (Beacon Learning Center)
Lunch Lady (Mr. Nussbaum)
Maggie's Farm
Making Arrays Activity (Saxon Math)
Math At The Mall (Math Playground)
Math Baseball (Fun Brain)
Math Drill
Math Fries (Mr. Nussbaum)
Math Manipulatives (Math Playground)
Math Mayhem (Learning Planet)
Math Mountain
Math Tips (Math Forum)
Math Zapper
Melvin's Make a Match
Mental Arithmetic Drills
Mighty Math/Calculating Crew (Harcourt School)
Mighty Math/Number Heros (Harcourt School)
Mission Magnetite (PBS Kids)
Multiple of What? (Saxon Math)
Multiplication (Free Math Test)
Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense (Natural Math)
Multiplication Flashcards (A Plus Math)
Multiplication Flashcards (Surf Net Kids)
Multiplication Hidden Picture (A Plus Math)
Multiplication Mystery (Harcourt School)
Multiplication of Mixed Numbers (AAA Math)
Multiplication Table (Free Rice)
My Place (Beacon Learning Center)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
The Nine Pattern (Beacon Learning Center)
Number Cop (Hot Math)
Number Cruncher
On Target! (Beacon Learning Center)
Penguin Waiter Percent Game (Fun Brain)
Percentages (NLVM)
Percents to Fractions (AAA Math)
Place Value-Expanded Form (AAA Math)
Place Value Game
Place Value Party (Math Cats)
Place Value Pirates (Mr. Nussbaum)
Place Value Puzzler (Fun Brain)
Place Values (Free Math Test)
Place Values in Words and Numbers (AAA Math)
Place Values of Six Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Primary Krypto (Illuminations)
Product Game (Illuminations)
Quick Flash
Stop That Creature! (PBS Kids)
Rabbit Multiplication (Beacon Learning Center)
Rain Drops
Save the Cubes (Mr Nussbaum)
Shopping at Troy's Toys (Math Playground)
Solving Math Word Problems
Space Racer (Math Playground)
Specific Place Value (AAA Math)
Specific Place Value (AAA Math)
Specific Place Values of Decimals (AAA Math)
Speed Grid Challenge/Multiplication (Oswego)
Spinning Wheels (Beacon Learning Center)
Subtracting Fractions With the Same Denominators (AAA Math)
Sum Sense/Multiplication (Oswego)
Tables of Multiplication
Tables Tester
Tackle Math Ball (Mr. Nussbaum)
Taming Word Problems (Internet 4 Classrooms)
Tangrams (NLVM)
Teacher Dodgeball (Mr. Nussbaum)
There Must Be Thousands (Beacon Learning Center)
Times Tables Grid (BBC)
Times Tables Grid (BBC)
Times Tables Practice (Resource Room)
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop (Mr. Nussbaum)
Try Out Your Multiplication Table (Maths Is Fun)
Virtual Manipulatives (eThemes)
Visual Fractions
What Percentage of Your Class is Right or Left Handed?
What's Your Name? (Beacon Learning Center)
WhizzBall (Discovery)
Who Want Pizza?
Who Wants to be a Mathionaire/ Multiplication (Maths Is Fun)
Word Problems for Kids
Writing Fractions as Percents (Math Goodies)


  1. Find Unknown - Find an unknown quantity in simple equations using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers.
  2. Symbols to Words - Translate between symbols and words to represent quantities in expressions or equations.
  3. Pattern Rule - Create, explain and use a rule to generate terms of a pattern or sequence.
  4. Translate - Translate between symbolic, numerical, verbal, or pictorial representations of a whole number pattern or relationship.
Algebra Puzzle (Math Playground)
Algebra vs Cockroaches
Base Ten (Learning Box)
Bedroom Border (Beacon Learning Center)
Complete the Pattern (NLVM)
Crack Hacker's Safe (PBS Kids)
Equation Match (BBC)
Find a Pattern (AAA Math)
Genius Boxing (Mr Nussbaum)
Guess the Number (Fun Brain)
Late Delivery (BBC)
Lucky Star (PBS Kids)
The Lunch Crunch
Number Cracker (Fun Brain)
Operation Order Algebra (Fun Brain)
People Patterns
Planet Hop (BBC)
Pattern Generator (Interactivate)
Pattern Player (PBS Kids)
Patterns (Links Learning)
Pattern Quest (PBS Kids)
Poddle Weigh In (PBS Kids)
Sleuths on the Loose (PBS Kids)
Spooky Sequence/2 (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/3 (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Count Back in 1's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Count Back in 2's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Count Back in 10's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Count on in 2's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Count on in 5's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Count on in 10's (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/R (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Square Numbers (Oswego)
Spooky Sequence/Triangular Numbers (Oswego)
What's the Point? (Fun Brain)

Geometry and Measurement

  1. Circles - Identify the basic parts of circles.
  2. Degrees in Circle - Understand the definition of degree as it relates to the circle.
  3. Classify Angles - Classify angles and triangles as obtuse, acute, or right.
  4. Measure Angles - Measure and draw angles.
  5. Polygon - Determine if a figure is a polygon.
  6. Metric Measures - Recognize the use of decimals in metric measures.
  7. Measure Liquids - Measure liquids using both standard units and metric units.
  8. Area - Recognize that a measure of area represents the total number of same-sized units /that cover the shape without gaps or overlaps.
  9. Rearrange Figure - Recognize that area does not change when 2-dimensional figures are cut apart and rearranged.
  10. Rectangular Area Model - Connect area measure to multiplication using a rectangular area model.
  11. Estimate Area - Estimate areas of rectangles in square inches and square centimeters.
  12. Estimate Size - Estimate the size of an object with respect to a given measurement attribute (length, perimeter, area, or capacity).
  13. Compare Objects - Compare objects with respect to a given attribute such as length, area, and capacity.
  14. Coordinate System - Explain how the components of a coordinate system are used to determine location.
  15. Path Between Points - Explore properties of paths between points.
  16. Transformations - Examine transformations in the coordinate plane.
  17. Predict Results - Predict the results of a transformation of a geometric shape.
  18. Symmetry - Determine whether a geometric shape has line and/or rotational symmetry.
  19. Tilings and Tessellations - Design and analyze simple tilings and tessellations.
  20. Lines of Symmetry - Draw lines of symmetry in 2-dimensional figures.
  21. Faces of Shapes - Recognize two-dimensional faces of three-dimensional shapes.
Airlines Builder (PBS Kids)
Angles (Glencoe)
Angles (Interactivate)
Anti-Homework Elementary (Mr. Nussbaum)
Area Model of Multiplication Using Base 10 Manipulatives (ALEX)
Ask Hannah! (Beacon Learning Center)
Bathroom Tiles (BBC)
Billy Bug and His All New Quest For Grub (Oswego)
Billy Bug and His Quest For Grub (Oswego)
Area of Rectangles (Saxon Math)
Area of Rectangles (Saxon Math)
Areas and Squares (Glencoe)
Basic Circle Vocabulary
Can You Fill It? (PBS Kids)
Claris Works and Tessellations in Color (Math Forum)
Color Tessellation Claris Works Tips (Math Forum)
Common 2-D and 3-D Shapes
Comparison Estimator (Interactivate)
Coordinate Plane (The Math Worksheet Site)
Creating Tessellations Using Microsoft Paint
Degrees/Angles (Maths Is Fun)
Degrees in a Circle (Math Forum)
Dry Measure/Weight (Out of the Frying Pan)
Estimate (Oswego)
Estimation Valley Golf (Mr. Nussbaum)
Estimator (Interactivate)
Flips, Slides and Turns
Flip Time (NASA)
FunBrain Shape Excavator (Fun Brain)
Geometry Hidden Picture (A Plus Math)
Greg's Grid Graphs (Beacon Learning Center)
Guess the Number!
How Many Pearls (PBS)
How to Calculate the Circumference of a Circle (Wiki How)
Hyper Studio and Tessellations in Color (Math Forum)
Jigsaw Puzzle Size-Up (PBS Kids)
Let's Go Shopping (Beacon Learning Center)
Line Symmetry (Links Learning)
Line Symmetry
Liquid Measure (Out of the Frying Pan)
Measurement, Decimals and the Metric System (Study More)
Measure It (Fun Brain)
Metric Conversions (ABC Teach)
Metric Measure
Metric Number Values 1 (AAA Math)
Metric Prefixes 1 (AAA Math)
Metric Symbols (AAA Math)
Metric Units and Measurement
Metric Values in Words 1 (AAA Math)
Mighty Math/Calculating Crew (Harcourt School)
More or Less Estimator (Interactivate)
Origin of the 360-Degree Circle (Math Forum)
Point Out the View (PBS Kids)
Polygon Playground (Math Cats)
Polygons (AAA Math)
Polygons 2 (AAA Math)
Pour to Score (PBS Kids)
Protractor (Key Math)
Puzzle Parlor
Rectangle Multiplication (NLVM)
Rotate (Saxon Math)
Rotational Symmetry
Rotational Symmetry (Wikipedia)
Rotational Symmetry (Math Forum)
Rotational Symmetry (Maths Is Fun)
Rotational Symmetry/Hub Caps (Teacher's Network)
Rotation Symmetry
Rotation Symmetry of Regular Polygons
Round About (Beacon Learning Center)
Ruler Game
Sam's Similar Shapes (Beacon Learning Center)
Shape Database
Simple Coordinates Game (Interactivate)
Simple Maze Game (Interactivate)
Star Gazing (PBS Kids)
Symmetries 1 (Illuminations)
Symmetrizer (PBS Kids)
Symmetry (Saxon Math)
Symmetry Activities (Saxon Math)
Symmetry All Around Us: Rotational Symmetry (Teacher's Network)
Tangram Game (PBS Kids)
Tangrams (NLVM)
Tessellate! (Interactivate)
Tessellations (Cool Math)
Tessellation (Wikipedia)
Tessellation Theme Page
Tessellation Tutorials (Math Forum)
That's Right (Beacon Learning Center)
Tick Tock Clock (Kids Numbers)
Time to Move (PBS)
Transformations and Symmetry
Triangle Explorer (Interactivate)
Triangle Types Based on Angles (AAA Math)
Turned How Many Degrees? (Saxon Math)
Unit of Measurement (ABC Teach)
Weigh the Wangdoodles (Math Playground)
What is a Tessellation? (Math Forum)
Why is a Circle 360 Degrees? (Math Forum)
Working with Rotational Symmetry
Wrapping Paper Patterns (Beacon Learning Center)

Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics

  1. Appropriate Scales - Create and label appropriate scales for graphs.
  2. Represent Data - Evaluate how well various representations show the collected data.
  3. Pie Charts - Interpret and prepare pie charts using appropriate measurements of angles
  4. Stem-and-Leaf - Develop and use stem-and-leaf plots.
  5. Central Tendency - Use measures of central tendency to compare two sets of related data.
  6. Probability - Determine a simple probability.
  7. Express Probability - Express a probability pictorially.
All That Data (Beacon Learning Center)
All That Data 2 (Beacon Learning Center)
All the Parts (Beacon Learning Center)
Bar Graph (Study Zone)
Birthday Graph
Bugs In The System (PBS Kids)
The Cereal Box Problems
Circle Graph (Interactivate)
Coin Flipper (Math Cats)
Coin Toss (Interactivate)
Counting Cards (BBC)
Create a Graph
Creating a Chart or Graph With Pictures in the Graph (Internet 4 Classrooms)
Data Interpretation Games (Gamequarium)
Data Picking (BBC)
Data To Graphics
Disguise Combos (PBS Kids)
Fish Tank (BBC)
Frequency Diagrams (BBC)
The Hand Squeeze
How to Change Graphics in a Pictogram (Math Forum)
Interpreting Data (BBC)
Jupiter is Average (Beacon Learning Center)
Ken White's Coin Flipping
Let's Do Math!
Line Graph (Study Zone)
Long Distance Airplane (Illuminations)
Math (Dositey)
Mean Green Machine (Beacon Learning Center)
Mean, Median, and Mode (Interactivate)
Mean, Median, Mode-Calculator
Mice and Medians (Beacon Learning Center)
Mode, Median, and Mean (BBC)
Mode, Median, Mean, Range (BBC)
Organizing Data in a Stem and Leaf Plot (Learning Math)
The Party Comedian (Beacon Learning Center)
Pictograms/Pictographs (Online Math Learning)
Piece of Pie (Beacon Learning Center)
Pie Chart (Interactivate)
Play Ball (Beacon Learning Center)
Probability (Math Play)
Probability (BBC)
Probability (Math Goodies)
Probability Fair (Mr Nussbaum)
Probability Game
Probability Worksheets (Math Goodies)
Send In The Trolls (PBS Kids)
Stock the Shelves (Mr. Nussbaum)
Reading Charts and Graphs (TV 411)
Reading Percentages in Charts (TV 411)
Starfish (XP Math)
Stem and Leaf Plot
Stem and Leaf Plots (Purple Math)
Stem and Leaf Plots
Stem and Leaf Plots (Interactivate)
Stem and Leaf Plotter (Interactivate)
Stick or Switch (NLVM)
Theme Park Favorites (Harcourt School)
Train Race (BBC)
Virtual Coin Toss (PBS Kids)
We're Planning A Party! (Beacon Learning Center)
What is Typical?

Cool Math 4 Kids