Mathematical Process

  1. Geometric Prop - Make and testxer conjectures about geometric properties and develop logical arguments to justify conclusions.
  2. Estimation - Make reasonable estimates of fraction and decimal sums or differences using models.
  3. Rounding - Explore different methods of estimation including rounding and truncating.
  4. Remainders - Explore problems in different contexts to interpret the meaning of remainders as discrete values or not.
  5. Solve Problems - Solve problems in more than one way and explain why one process may be more effective than another.
  6. State Answers - Communicate answers in correct verbal and numerical form; including use of mixed numbers or fractions and use of units.
  7. Verbal - Organize and consolidate verbal statements involving fractions and mixed numbers into diagrams, symbols, and numerical expressions.
  8. Patterns - Use patterns, models, and relationships as contexts for writing inequalities and simple equations.
  9. Other Media - Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.
Activities (Illuminations)
Addition Using Estimation (AAA Math)
A Pinocchio Estimating Game
Category: Mathematics Fiction Books (Wikipedia)
Computation Castle (Mr. Nussbaum)
Estimation Valley Golf (Mr. Nussbaum)
Fraction Models (Illuminations)
Geometric Solids (Illuminations)
Geometric Solids and Their Properties (Illuminations)
Half-Court Rounding (Mr. Nussbaum)
How to Round a Number (Web Math)
Let's Go Shopping (Beacon Learning Center)
Literature for Learning Math Concepts (Living Math)
Math and Science: Related Books You Can Read (Math Forum)
Math Manipulatives (Math Playground)
Math Month in the Library (Carol Hurst)
Math Novels
Multiplying and Dividing with Fractions (Glencoe)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM)
Novel Mathematics
Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions With Shapes
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Round About (Beacon Learning Center)
Rounding (Braining Camp)
Rounding Flashcards (A Plus Math)
Rounding Numbers (Learn Alberta)
Rounding Off (BBC)
Soccer Shootout (Fun Brain)
Solving Decimal Word Problems (Math Goodies)
Subtraction Using Estimation (AAA Math)
Tangram (NLVM)
Teacher Dodgeball (Mr. Nussbaum)
Teaching Long Division and Double Division
That's Right (Beacon Learning Center)
Virtual Manipulatives (eThemes)
Weigh the Wangdoodles (Math Playground)

Number and Operation

  1. Prime - Identify prime numbers up to 50.
  2. Use Prime Factorization - Use the prime factorization of two whole numbers to determine the greatest common factor and the least common multiple.
  3. Fractions and Decimals - Use visual models, benchmarks, and equivalent forms to add and subtract commonly used fractions and decimals.
  4. Factoring - Use divisibility rules to factor numbers.
  5. Estimation - Make reasonable estimates of fraction and decimal sums and differences.
  6. Mixed Numbers - Add and subtract mixed numbers.
  7. Decimal Point - Understand the placement of the decimal point in calculations of multiplication and long division, including the placement in the estimation of the answer.
  8. Division by Zero - Understand that division by zero is undefined.
  9. Negative Numbers - Explore numbers less than 0 by extending the number line through familiar applications (e.g., temperatures below zero, owing money, measuring elevation below sea level).
  10. Exponential Notation - Use exponential notation to represent repeated multiplication of whole numbers.
Action Fractions (Fun School)
Add Fractions (Harcourt School)
Add Fractions (Visual Fractions)
Adding and Subtracting Decimals (
Adding and Subtracting Fractions (Glencoe)
Adding and Subtracting Fractions (
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators (Glencoe)
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators (Glencoe)
Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers (Glencoe)
Adding Fractions (NLVM)
Adding Fractions with the Same Denominators (AAA Math)
Adding Two Numbers (Web Math)
Addition (AAA Math)
Addition (BBC)
Addition (Dositey)
Addition Machine
Addition Mixed Numbers (AAA Math)
Addition of Four Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Addition: Unlike Denominators (AAA Math)
Alien Spreadsheet (Maths Online)
Alien Functions (Maths Online)
Arithmetic Four (Interactivate)
Arithmetic Quiz (Interactivate)
Be a Smart Consumer (TV 411)
Breaking Down the Bargain (TV 411)
Calculating with Scientific Notation
Callum's Addition Pyramid
Chain Letter (TV 411)
Colored-Chip Models
Comparing All Three (BBC)
Comparing Big Numbers (BBC)
Comparing Fractions and Decimals (AAA Math)
Comparing Integers and Fractions (AAA Math)
Comparing Like Fractions (AAA Math)
Comparing Unlike Fractions (AAA Math)
Comparing Unlike Fractions 2 (AAA Math)
Comparison Symbols (Saxon Math)
Converting Decimals to Scientific Notation (AAA Math)
Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (Fact Monster)
Converting Fractions to Scientific Notation (AAA Math)
Converting Number to Scientific Notation (AAA Math)
Converting Scientific Notation to Decimals (AAA Math)
Converting Scientific Notation to Standard Numbers (AAA Math)
Converting Standard Notation and Scientific Notation Numbers (AAA Math)
Converting Standard Numbers to Scientific Notations (AAA Math)
Cookies for Grampy (Visual Fractions)
Death Decimals (Mr. Nussbaum)
The Decifractator
Decimal Addition Worksheets (A Plus Math)
Decimal Division Worksheets (A Plus Math)
Decimals (Mr. Nussbaum)
Decimals (Number Nut)
Decimals(Learn Alberta)
Decimals and Percents (AAA Math)
Decimals and Fractions (Harcourt School)
Decimals Equivalent to Given Fraction (Saxon Math)
Decimals of the Caribbean (Mr. Nussbaum)
Decimal Multiplication Worksheets (A Plus Math)
Decimal Numbers (
Decimal Subtraction Worksheets (A Plus Math)
Decimal Switch (Interactive Stuff)
Decimals, Whole Numbers, and Exponents (Math League)
Discounts (AAA Math)
Divide by 2-Digit Numbers (Harcourt School)
Divide Fractions (Visual Fractions)
Divide Two Numbers (Web Math)
Dividing 2-Digit Numbers (Dositey)
Dividing by 0 (Math Forum)
Dividing by Decimals (Glencoe)
Dividing Decimals (
Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers (Glencoe)
Dividing Fractions (
Divisibility Rules (Math Forum)
Divisibility Rules (Math Forum)
Division (AAA Math)
Division (BBC)
Division (AAA Math)
Division Bingo
Division by Integers (AAA Math)
Division by Zero (Wikipedia)
Division Games (Kids Numbers)
Division Machine
Division Using Scientific Notation
Challenge Exercises: Understanding Percent (Math Goodies)
Draggable Math (Mr. Nussbaum)
Eratosthenes Prime Number Sieve
Estimating Tips (AAA Math)
Equivalent Fractions (Learning Wave)
Equivalent Fractions (TV 411)
Equivalent Fractions (NLVM)
Equivalent Fractions (Saxon Math)
Evaluate Cubes (AAA Math)
Evaluate Integers Exponents (AAA Math)
Everything In Its Place (TV 411)
Exponents (Math Goodies)
Exponents (
Exponents (Saxon Math)
EZ Fractions (Mr. Nussbaum)
Factor Tree (NLVM)
Finding a Percent of a Quantity (Glencoe)
Finding Percents (AAA Math)
Flashcards with Negative Numbers (A Plus Math)
Fraction/Adding (NLVM)
Fraction Definition (
Fraction Game (Illumination)
Fraction Inequality Flashcards (A Plus Math)
Fraction Problem Generator
Fraction Quiz (Interactivate)
Fractions (Mr. Nussbaum)
Fractions (AAA Math)
Fractions (Interactive Stuff)
Fractions (NLVM)
Glowla's Estimation Contraption (PBS Kids)
Graphing Integers (Harcourt School)
Growth Patterns (TV 411)
How to Do Long Division (Handwriting With Kids)
How to Teach Integer Operations, and Explain Why the Rules Work (Home School Math)
Ice Cream Shop (Mr. Nussbaum)
Integer Exponents
Integer Games (Hooda Math)
Introduction to Negative Numbers (Purple Math)
Inverse Relationship Between Division and Multiplication (AAA Math)
Inverse Relationship Between Multiplication and Division (AAA Math)
Is Paying Over Time a Smart Move? (TV 411)
K-8 Practice Math Problems (Web Math)
Keeping Up With Exponential Growth
Long Division (Math Mojo)
Long Division (AAA Math)
Long Division to Decimal Places (Maths is Fun)
Lunch Lady (Mr. Nussbaum)
Maggie's Farm (Learning Wave)
Math Car Racing (Fun Brain)
Math Magician Games (Oswego)
Math Splat (FEN)
Mayan Math Monster (Mr. Nussbaum)
Me and My Math
Meaning of Division (Harcourt School)
The Meaning of Percent (Math Goodies)
Mental Division (BBC)
Mental Multiplication (BBC)
Mighty Math Web Activities (Harcourt School)
Mission: Magnetite (PBS Kids)
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions (Glencoe)
Model Decimals (Harcourt School)
Modeling Division (Harcourt School)
Multiple Percents (TV 411)
Multiplication (BBC)
Multiplication (AAA Math)
Multiplication (AAA Math)
Multiplication (Dositey)
Multiplication (Number Nut)
Multiplication and Division Problems Using Scientific Notation
Multiplication Flashcards (Surf Net Kids)
Multiplication Game (Kids Numbers)
Multiplication Hidden Picture (A Plus Math)
Multiplication Matho (A Plus Math)
Multiplication Mystery (Harcourt School)
Multiplication of Scientific Notation
Multiply Fractions (Visual Fractions)
Multiply Two Numbers (Web Math)
Multiplying Decimals (
Mystery Picture (Dositey)
Negative Numbers (BBC)
Negative Numbers for Young Students (Let's Play Math!)
Number Cop (Hot Math)
The Number Line (Learning Wave)
Old Egyptian Fractions at Math Cats
One False Move (Fun Brain)
Ordering 7 Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Penguin Waiter Percent Game (Fun Brain)
Percent (
Percent of a Number (AAA Math)
Percent of a Number
Percent of What? (TV 411)
Percent Shopping Game (Math Playground)
Percentage PI (Fun School)
Percents and Fractions (AAA Math)
Percents to Fractions (AAA Math)
Place Value (TV 411)
Place Value Puzzler (Fun Brain)
Positive and Negative Numbers (Math League)
Positive and Negative Numbers (Dositey)
Powers and Exponents (Glencoe)
Powers and Exponents (Fact Monster)
Practice with Scientific Notation
Prime and Composite Numbers (AAA Math)
Prime Factorization
Prime Factors (Glencoe)
Prime Factors (Glencoe)
Prime Numbers (
Problem Solving With Division (BBC)
Problem Solving With Multiplication (BBC)
Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms (The Math Worksheet Site)
Repeated Addition
Saloon Snap (BBC)
Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation
Scribble Square
Shading (Interactive Stuff)
Sieve of Eratosthenes (NLVM)
Signed Integers (
Simple Interest (AAA Math)
Simplifying (
Soccer Shootout (Fun Brain)
Space Coupe to the Rescue (PBS Kids)
Space Shuttle Launch (Play Kids Games)
Specific Place Values of Decimals (AAA Math)
Subtract Fractions (Visual Fractions)
Subtract Fractions (Harcourt School)
Subtracting Across Zeros (Harcourt School)
Subtracting Fractions With the Same Denominators (AAA Math)
Subtracting Mixed Numbers (AAA Math)
Subtraction (Dositey)
Subtraction (BBC)
Subtraction Machine
Subtraction: Different Denominators (AAA Math)
Subtraction: Same Denominators (AAA Math)
Subtraction Of Four Digit Numbers (AAA Math)
Subtract Two Numbers (Web Math)
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
Table Tester
The Table Trees
Teaching Negative Numbers (YouTube)
That's a Fact! Harcourt School)
Thousandths 1 (AAA Math)
Thousandths 2 (AAA Math)
Tic Tac Toe Squares (Fun Brain)
Times Table Grid (BBC)
Tips (AAA Math)
Tips to Teaching Integers (Home School Math)
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop (Mr. Nussbaum)
Two Minute Warning (Primary Games)
Ultimate Speed Math (Mr. Nussbaum)
Visual Fractions
What Does Percent Mean? (TV 411)
What is a Fraction? (Web Math)
What is a Fraction? (TV 411)
What's a Fraction? (TV 411)
What is a Percent? (TV 411)
Writing Big Numbers (BBC)
Writing Fractions as Percents (Math Goodies)
Written Multiplication (BBC)


  1. Evaluate Expression - Evaluate an expression by substituting non-negative rational number values for letter variables in the expression.
  2. Represent Unknowns - Use variables appropriately to represent numbers whose values are not yet known.
  3. Linear Equations - Solve single-step linear equations using inverse operations.
  4. Linear Inequalities - Solve single-step linear inequalities and graph solutions on a number line.
  5. Solving - Determine if a given value is a solution to a linear equation/inequality.
  6. Number Line - Recognize there are many numbers between any two whole numbers on the number line.
Algebra Flashcards (A Plus Math)
Compare Two Numbers Using a Number Line (Web Math)
Division Order of Operations
Equations (AAA Math)
Equations (Harcourt School)
Equation Match (BBC)
Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
Evaluating an Expression with Two Variables (AAA Math)
Evaluating Expressions (
Evaluating Expressions with One Variable (AAA Math)
Function Machine (NLVM)
How to Solve Linear Inequalities (eHow)
Inequalities (
Keeping It True (Harcourt School)
Late Delivery (BBC)
Linear Inequalities (Math Bits)
Linear Inequalities (Paul's Online Math Notes)
Line Jumper (Fun Brain)
Number Line Arithmetic (NLVM)
Order of Operations (ABC Teach)
Order of Operations
Order of Operations (A Plus Math)
Order of Operations (Dositey)
Order of Operations With Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction (Dositey)
Operation Order Algebra Game (Fun Brain)
Pan Balance (Illuminations)
Properties of Integers (
Simple Formulae: Test Bite (BBC)
Solving Single-Step Inequalities by Addition or Subtraction (Online Math Learning)
Solving Linear Equations: Test Bite (BBC)
Two Decimal Digits -Hundredths (Home School Math)
Use the Decimals Number Lines Tool (Maths Online)
Using Formulae: Test Bite (BBC)
Variables and Constants in Algebra (School for Champions)
What variable expressions would you use to represent a number and another number which is 8 more than the original. Use n as the variable. I need the original number and the other number? (
Why Do We Use Variables in Algebra? (Math Forum)
Worksheet (Order of Operation) (A Plus Math)

Geometry and Measurement

  1. Triangle Area - Develop the formula for the area of a triangle as it relates to the area of a parallelogram/rectangle.
  2. Polygon Area - Find the area of a convex polygon by decomposing it into triangles/rectangles.
  3. Prisms - Build, draw, and work with prisms by means of orthogonal views, projective views, and nets.
  4. Platonic Solids - Describe and identify the five regular (Platonic) solids and their properties with respect to faces, shapes of faces, edges, and vertices.
  5. Filling Space - Quantify total volume as filling space with same-sized units of volume without gaps or overlap.
  6. Surface Area - Decompose prisms to calculate surface area and volume.
  7. Appropriate Units - Understand, select and use units of appropriate size and type to measure angles, lengths/distances, area, surface area and volume.
  8. Line Segments - Identify characteristics of the set of points that define vertical and horizontal line segments.
  9. Significant Digits - Correctly interpret significant digits in the accuracy of measurements and associated calculations.
  10. Estimates - Recognize that measurements are never exact.
  11. Approximation - Understand the usefulness of approximations.
  12. Correct Tools - Develop strategies for choosing correct tools of measurement.
  13. Weight Temperature - Recognize and use measures of weight and temperature.
Animal Weigh In (BBC)
Angles (Glencoe)
Angles Games
Anti-Homework Elementary (Mr. Nussbaum)
Area of a Parallelogram (AAA Math)
Area of Parallelogram (Glencoe)
Area of Rectangles (Saxon Math)
Area of Triangles (Glencoe)
Areas and Squares (Glencoe)
Artie Ounces Soda Jerk (Mr. Nussbaum)
Calculating with Significant Digits
Classifying Triangles by Angles (AAA Math)
Classifying Triangles by Sides (AAA Math)
Conversion Table/Unit Conversion Online
Coordinate Geometry
The Coordinate Plane (Glencoe)
Co-Ordinates: Test Bite (BBC)
Comets (Fun School)
Cosmic Geometry (Harcourt School)
Create a Graph (NCES)
Cube/Rectangular Prism Activity (Math Forum)
Dictionary of Units
Drawing a Net for Rectangular Prisms and Square Pyramids
Equivalent Measures (Harcourt School)
The Eyeballing Game
Finding the Fourth Angle of a Quadrilateral (AAA Math)
Finding the Third Angle of a Triangle (AAA Math)
Geometry (AAA Math)
Geometric Shape Flashcards (A Plus Math)
Geometric Solid (Illuminations)
Get to the Point (Harcourt School)
Hidden Picture (A Plus Math)
Hitting the Target
How to Draw a Hexagonal Prism (Wiki How)
Identifying the Number of Significant Digits
Identifying the Number of Significant Digits
Length in the Customary System (Glencoe)
Length in the Metric System (Glencoe)
Let's Bake a Pie (Beacon Learning Center)
Looking for the Top Quark
Make a Tetrahedron From a Small Envelope (Enchanted Learning)
Measure Converter
Measure It! (Fun Brain)
Money and More (Scholastic)
Perimeter (BBC)
Perimeter and Area (Harcourt School)
Planet Hop (BBC)
Platform Scale (Visual Fractions)
Platform Scale/Addition (Visual Fractions)
Platform Scale/Subtraction (Visual Fractions)
Platonic Solid (Wikipedia)
The Platonic Solids
Platonic Solids (Maths Is Fun)
Platonic Solids (Math World)
Platonic Solids (Enchanted Learning)
Play with Perimeter (TV 411)
Polygon Playground (Math Cats)
Polygons (AAA Math)
Polygons 2 (AAA Math)
Polygons and Perimeter (TV 411)
Polygons in All Shapes and Sizes (TV 411)
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Rectangle Multiplication (NLVM)
Rounding and Significant Digits (Purple Math)
Ruler Rules (TV 411)
Significant Digits
Significant Digits
Significant Digits Counter
Significant Digits or Figures
Significant Figures (Wikipedia)
Significant Figures
Significant Figures
Significant Figures
Significant Figures
Significant Figures
Significant Figures Calculator
Significant Figures/Digits (Math Forum)
Solid Figures (Harcourt School)
Star Gazing (PBS Kids)
Surface Area
Surface Area (Braining Camp)
Surface Area and Volume (Interactivate)
Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism (AAA Math)
Surface Area of Prisms (Teacher's Choice)
Temperature (BBC)
Triangle Types Based on Angles (AAA Math)
Two Dimensional Figures (Glencoe)
Using Angle Measure (Glencoe)
Using a Protractor
Volume of a Rectangular Prism (AAA Math)
Volume of Rectangular Prism (Glencoe)

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  1. Graphs/Bar & Line - Construct and analyze double bar and line graphs.
  2. Quadrant I - Represent data using ordered pairs in the first quadrant of the coordinate system.
  3. Data Collection - Design investigations to address a question and consider how data collection methods affect the nature of the data set.
  4. Categorical/Numerical - Recognize the differences in representing categorical and numerical data.
  5. Central Tendency - Evaluate how different measures of central tendency describe data.
  6. Outliers - Identify outliers and determine their effect on mean, median, mode and range.
All That Data (Beacon Learning Center)
All That Data 2 (Beacon Learning Center)
Analyze Data (Harcourt School)
Analyzing Graphs (Glencoe)
A Stem and Leaf Diagram
Bar Graphs and Line Graphs (Glencoe)
Billy Bug and His All New Quest For Grub (Oswego)
Billy Bug and His Quest For Grub (Oswego)
Bugs in the System (PBS Kids)
Circle Graphs (Glencoe)
Collecting Data
Cool Graphing (Mr. Nussbaum)
Coordinate Game
Coordinate Planes (The Math Worksheet Site)
The Coordinate Plane (
Create A Graph (NCES)
Data Handling: Mode, Median, Mean (BBC)
Data Place: Take a Survey (Edu Place)
Dino Dig
Exploring Double-Bar Graphs (Harcourt School)
Exploring Double-Bar Graphs (Harcourt School)
Frequency Tables (Glencoe)
General Coordinates Games (Interactivate)
Get to the Point (Harcourt School)
Getting Started (TV 411)
Greg's Grid Graphs (Beacon Learning Center)
How to Read a Bar Graph (TV 411)
How to Read a Bar Graph and a Double Bar Graph
Hurkle (AIMS)
Interpreting Chart Information (TV 411)
Jupiter is Average (Beacon Learning Center)
Landmark Shark
The Language of Chance (Glencoe)
Line Graphs
Making a Double Bar Graph (Edu Place)
Making Predictions (Glencoe)
Maze Game (Interactivate)
The Mean Green Party Machine (Beacon Learning Center)
Mean, Median, and Mode (Interactivate)
Mean, Median, Mode Calculator
Mice and Medians (Beacon Learning Center)
The Mode of a Set of Data (Math Goodies)
Mode, Median and Mean (BBC)
Mode, Median, Mean, Range (BBC)
Multi Bar Graph (Interactivate)
Ordered Pairs (Learn Alberta)
The Party Is Here! (Beacon Learning Center)
Plotting Points on a Cartesian Plane
Practice with Data
Read a Table (Harcourt School)
Reading Charts and Graphs (TV 411)
Simple Coordinate Game (Interactivate)
Simple Maze Game (Interactivate)
Statistical Median (AAA Math)
Stem and Leaf Plots (Glencoe)
Stock the Shelves (Mr. Nussbaum)
Take a Glance-Bar Graphs (TV 411)
Train Race (BBC)
Understanding Mean, Median, and Mode (TV 411)
Using a Coordinate Grid (Harcourt School)
What's the Point? (Fun Brain)

Everyday Math Games
Advanced Math Activities (Number Nut)
The Braindrainer
5th Grade Math Glossary (Harcourt School)
A Maths Dictionary for Kids
Button Beach Challenge
Test Quest: Be A Better Test Taker (Edu Place)
Google Calculator
Math Games (Math Playground)
Math (Fact Monster)
Free Math Worksheets (TLS Books) Worksheets
Times Tables Practice (Resource Room)
Arrow Roads (ABC Teach)
Double Arrow Roads (ABC Teach)
Drill Sheets for Math
Test Prep Practice (Edu Place)
Fun Math
eManipulatives (Edu Place)
California 5th Grade Math (Math Score)
Math TV Problem Solving Video (TV Math)
California Standards Test/5th Grade Math