Columbus Day

Information and Resources

1492: An Ongoing Voyage
Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World
The Columbus Letter
1492: An Onging Voyage
The Columbus Doors
Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Empire
The Best Online Resources About Christopher Columbus
Teaching About Columbus Day: Mythbusters
Top 10 Things You Should Know About Columbus
Columbus Day Links
Christopher Columbus (Think Quest)
Christopher Columbus (Garden of Praise)
Columbus Link Page
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus (iBiblio)

The Columbus Navigation Homepage
Christopher's Crossing 3rd to 5th grade
Famous Explorers and Resources About Columbus
1492 Christopher Columber
Christopher Columbus Teacher Resources
Christopher Columbus: Fact or Fiction
Beyond Columbus: Teaching the Lessons of 1492
Columbus Day Activity Set
American Indian Perspectives On Thanksgiving
Columbus Day Activities
Celebrating Columbus Day
Columbus Day Teacher Resources (Teacher Vision)
Columbus Day Geography Activities (Surviving Many Things)
Christopher Columbus Scratch Project (Hyper Home School)
Private Schools

Lesson Plans
What Was Columbus Thinking? (Edsitement) 3rd to 5th grade
English Lesson Plan on Christopher Columbus (ESL Holiday Lessons)
The Indians' Discovery of Columbus (Yale Edu)
How To Teach About Christopher Columbus (Suite 101) Primary Level
Columbus Day (The Native American Perspective) (Teacher Link) 4th and 5th grade
Columbus Day Lesson (El Civics)
ESL Thanksgiving Lesson (El Civics)

Language Arts
Reader's Theater: Columbus Day (Teacher Think)
Letter to King and Queen (ABC Teach)
Columbus Day (Teacher Vision)

An Adventure to the New World (Score)

Interactive and online activities
Christopher Columbus (How Stuff Works) Videos Collection
Christopher Columbus Quiz (Surf Net Kids)
Columbus Day (Brain Pop Jr) Free Preview
Christopher Columbus (BBC)
Christopher Columbus and the Big Surprise (Beacon Learning Center) ebook
Columbus Gapfill Excerise
Christopher Columbus Quiz (Soft School)
Christopher Columbus (Brain Pop) Free Preview
Christopher Columbus Sequencing Game (Brain Pop Jr)
Columbus Day Easy Quiz (Brain Pop Jr)
Columbus Day Hard Quiz (Brain Pop Jr)
Christopher Columbus (History Channel) Video Collection
Walk The Plank (School History)
The Story of Christopher Columbus

Egg Cup Ships
Columbus Coloring Pages
Columbus Day Activities (DLTK)
Columbus Day (Apples 4 The Teacher)

Physical Education
Columbus Tag (PE Central)

PowerPoint Presentations
Columbus Day (PPPST)
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