Artists (Metropolitan Museum Art)
Biography of Claude Monet
C'ezanne's Astonishing Apples (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Childe Hassam: American Impressionist (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Claude Monet (Kids Art)
Claude Monet
Claude Monet by Himself
Claude Monet Paintings
Gilbert Stuart: Making Faces (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
How Van Gogh Made His Mark (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Romare Bearden: Let's Walk the Block (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Roy Lichtenstein (Kids Art)
Roy Lichtenstein
Top Ten Favorite American Artists for Kids to Know (Kids Art)

Activities and Information

African Masks (Kids Art)
A Look at Chinese Painting (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Archeology for Kids (National Park Service)
Art Cyclopedia
Art Gallery (PBS Kids)
Art Games (Albright-Knox)
Art Project (Virtual Tour)
Artsy Fartsy
The Art Zone (National Gallery)
Bubble Art (Kids Art)
Carpet Hunt (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Cartoonster (Kidzdom)
Circles (A Kids Heart)
Color With Leo
Crafts (Kaboose)
Crayola Creativity Central: Games
Digit's Cyber-Dough (PBS Kids)
Discover a Korean Dragon (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Drawing Lesson: Chimpanzees (Chunky Monkey)
Egypt (Odyssey)
Explore Cool Places (Wacky Kids)
Face Maker
Free Kids Crafts Idea Templates
Greece (Odyssey)
Hmong Designs
Hmong Mofits
Hmong Textile Art
Hmong Textile Art
Hmong Textiles
Japanese Prints
K-12 Art Sources
Katsushika Hokusai
Kids Dig Reed
Kinder Art
Kindergarten: Arts and Crafts Resources (Internet 4 Classrooms)
Lascaux (Virtual Tour)
Make A Roman Mosaic
Make Stuff (Wacky Kids)
MaryAnn Kohl
Modern Art (MoMA)
My Imaginary City (Tate Kids)
National Gallery of Art: Kids (National Gallery)
Optical Illusions
Origami Page (Tammy Yee)
Origami Studio (Oriland)
Paper Scissors Kids
Perfume Bottles (Kids Art)
Picasso Head
Portrait Detectives (Liverpool Museum)
Rectangles (A Kids Heart)
Sistene Chapel (Virtual Tour) Vatican
Story of Shapes (Story Place)

Some Uses Of Computers In The Elementary Class
Teaching Drawing Skills (Everyday Art)
The Tomb of Perneb (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Top Ten Great Color Names to Learn (Kids Art)
Top Ten Things to Collect for Making Collage Art (Kids Art)
Top Ten Tips and Tricks with Watercolor Paints (Kids Art)